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Emily Hong

Lord George Gordon Byron - Biography and Works. Search Texts, Read Online. Discuss. - 1 views

  • he probably first met his half-sister, Augusta Leigh with whom he was later suspected of having an incestuous relationsh
    • Sarah Metcalf
      He sure had enough lovers. Was it normal back then to be in a relationship with family members?
  • Memorial services were held all over the land. Byron's body was returned to England but refused by the deans of both Westminster and St Paul's. Finally Byron's coffin was placed in the family vault at Hucknall Torkard, near Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire.
    • Sarah Metcalf
      He really wasnt liked by Britian. I am sure that all of his lovers didnt help. This could be helpful in deciding if the people of Britian liked him.
    • Emily Hong
      I think it wasn't AS wierd to be in a relationship with family members maybe. But I still think it's really wierd! 
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  • 'Byronic hero' - a defiant, melancholy young man, brooding on some mysterious, unforgivable event in his past
    • Emily Hong
      This can help with the question about what rebellious actions Lord Byron performed when he was alive. He was a big rebel within society. 
Emily Hong

She Walks in Beauty Summary & Study Guide - Lord George Gordon Byron - - 1 views

shared by Emily Hong on 16 Mar 11 - No Cached
  • “She Walks in Beauty” was inspired by the poet’s first sight of his young cousin by marriage, Anne Wilmot. According to literary historians, Byron’s cousin wore a black gown that was brightened with spangles
    • Sarah Metcalf
      I think that its interesting that he wrote it about a girl that wasnt that well known. He could have written the poem on lots of others women but he chose her. Why?
  • its mixing together of images of darkness and light
    • Sarah Metcalf
      Its interesting that he would use light and dark as a way to make this poem unique. But it adds a lot to the poem which makes it special.
    • Emily Hong
      I think that this shows that Lord Byron didn't just use girls for their beauty. It shows that he didn't just look on the outside, he respected their strengths, thoughts, and personalities. 
    I am really interested in knowing why he wrote this for Anne Wilmot because he had so many lovers. What makes her special for Bryon to write the poem on her?
Emily Hong

George Gordon Noel Byron Biography - 1 views

  • fast-decaying nobility.
  • George Gordon Noel Byro
  • Hours of Idleness
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  • love for his half sister Augusta
  • guilt and doom
  • Anna Isabella Milbanke
  • failure,
  • marriage to
  • Marino Faliero
  • selflessness of the man who sacrifices his life in the service of popular freedom.
    • Emily Hong
      I feel like he was really popular and had a big influence within London. I think many people knew him as having many many affairs!
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