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Top Magical Things Google Search Engine Can Do - 0 views

    It's quite amazing how the internet is able to surprise us with the little tricks it pulls on us, and Google is no different. I have to admit I have used Google for more than just looking up the best recipe for dinner. Google has helped me bring out the more outspoken part of me through Twitter or YouTube, direct me to the nearest pizza place, and basically organized my life. It has been my savior for all the crazy stupid questions that popped in my head but was too afraid to ask out loud. But aside from being beyond helpful, Google has a wacky side too. And I learned this through some social media marketing stuff on Facebook.

AdWords Techniques You Are Probably Not Using But Should Be - 0 views

    I'm going to take you through some great AdWords techniques that many of you probably aren't using but should be. I've chosen these five specifically because they're less used by most and when implemented they will significantly increase your leads and sales. Some of these you may have not heard of before as they are quite new, others perhaps you've just been waiting for the right time to implement. That time is now, you've got to be trying things out as soon as they come out; you have to be living innovation. Here's what we're going to look at: Dynamic Remarketing Review Extensions Mobile Optimised Ads Call Tracking Attribution Modelling for Paid Search assists Read More -

Internet Marketing 2014 - 0 views

    The Internet has drastically altered the way in which information is shared, and has had a profound impact on marketing. Where are we headed in 2014?

Increasing Search Traffic By 20,000 Visitors Per Month - 1 views

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  • expertthinking
    Trying to do SEO for a website without full access to its CMS is like trying to win a sword fight with one hand tied behind your back. You can still use your weapon, but there is always going to be a limit to what you can do.

    Before this metaphor gets any further out of hand, I should explain. One year ago, the agency I work for was asked to run an SEO campaign for a client. The catch was, it would be impossible for us to gain full access to the CMS that the website was built on. Initially I was doubtful about the results that could be achieved.
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