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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Karen Justl

Karen Justl

10 activities to share learning globally (or locally) | Ditch That Textbook - 0 views

    "Sharing learning is powerful because it makes students' learning relevant beyond their own classrooms."
Karen Justl

Students Explain Engaging Assignments - 0 views

    "what students say is the best assignment they have had this year. "
Karen Justl

Blogging as Pedagogy: Facilitate Learning | Langwitches Blog - 0 views

    "Blogging can support the strategies, techniques and approaches to facilitate the learning in your classroom no matter what grade level, age group and subject area. Blogging supports four primary areas:

Karen Justl

These Kids Are 3D-Printing Their Education | TechCrunch - 0 views

    "A group of junior high and high school students in Cambridge, Mass., are part of an experimental education program that aims to prove they're capable of solving real-world problems early with the help of 3D printers, Arduino and group collaboration."
Karen Justl

Top 10 ways to use technology to promote reading - Home - Doug Johnson's Blue... - 0 views

  • Young readers like know more “about the author” and the Internet is rich with resources produced both by the authors themselves, their publishers, and their fans.
  • Make sure older kids know about free websites like Shelfari, LibraryThing, and Goodreads. Biblionasium id great for younger readers.
  • Destiny Quest allow students to record what they’ve read, write recommendations, share their recommendations with other students and discuss books online.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • While not designed just for sharing reading interests like the tools above, generic curation tools like Pinterest, Tumblr, ScoopIt - along with older tools like Delicious and Diigo - allow the selection and sharing of interests among students.
  • multimedia tools to generate creative responses to books - and then share them with other students online. Using Glogster, Animoto, poster makers, digital image editors and dozens of other (usually) free tools, students can communicate through sight and sound as well as in writing.
  • Creative librarians do surveys and polls on book related topics using free online tools like GoogleApps Forms and SurveyMonkey. (Collect requests for new materials using an online form as well.) Does your library have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account to let kids know about new materials - and remind them of classics?
  • Get flashy with digital displays. 
  • less expensive to bring an author in virtually using Skype, Google Hangouts or othe video conferencing program.
  • Check out the Skype an Author Network website to get some ideas.
  • Take advantage of those tablets, smart phones and other student-owned (or school provided) devices by making sure your e-book collection, digital magazines, and other digital resources are easy to find.
  • Book Bowl in May. Students form teams and then we use the book bowl questions from the site to have a great competition.
    "I am updating my workshop on how technology can be used to promote Voluntary Free Reading - the only undebatably fool-proof means of both improving reading proficiency and developing a life-long love of reading in every student. "
Karen Justl

Around the Plurality of Diversity @gcouros @timholt2007 #txeduchat ... - 0 views

  • The second problem is more systemic; since technology is not modeled as part of the implementation process,
    • Karen Justl
      How can we in SBISD change our practice to include consideration/appropriateness of technology in instructional/lesson planning?
  • "How have you reconfigured your lessons to take advantage of existing technologies students are bringing to school?' My second question is, "How are you connecting with other educators around the globe in your PLN to see what they are ALREADY doing?"
    Miguel asks the right questions!
Karen Justl

Whose light can you be? | Connected Principals - 0 views

  • Instruction should be driven by strong pedagogy
  • Teachers need consistent support and modeling
  • ENHANCE instruction, not control it.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Where can I see your stuff online?”
  • In order to be innovative, you have to take risks. We have to be the models of this for our teachers, and them for our students.
Karen Justl

10 Practical Ideas For Better Project-Based Learning In Your Classroom - 0 views

    • Karen Justl
      I have learned so much about collaboration recently. I had never really thought about what true collaboration was and probably fell into allowing students to "split" projects before.
Karen Justl

Your iPad In A Nutshell: A Quick Reference Card | TeachBytes - 0 views

    Nice reference for someone new to the device.
Karen Justl

Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English - YouTube - 0 views

    • Karen Justl
      Great video to share with students to get them to think before they share!
Karen Justl

New School Technology - The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration - 2 views

  • This is a crucial piece of information that a teacher must have to complete a lesson, and one that may cause frustration it has not been taught/shared.
    • Karen Justl
      There are lots of ways to work thru this, so it isn't as easy as it sounds. A lot of the solution is based upon your depth of knowledge. However, with good problem-solving skills (and sometimes a few friends or students) teachers can work thru it.
  • Are these sites blocked by a district web-filter?
    • Karen Justl
      As we all know, this can change daily! Frustrating indeed!
  • There will be frustration, messiness and moments of panic, but there can also be great moments of discovery, sharing, and learning.
    • Karen Justl
      Can't this also be the case when implementing a new strategy of any sort?
    • Karen Justl
      Think of problem/project based learning...
Karen Justl

TidBITS: How to Set Up and Use Google+ Hangouts - 0 views

shared by Karen Justl on 01 Apr 13 - No Cached
    • Karen Justl
      I have participated in a few hangouts via wireless. As long as you don't care about the video not freezing up, then NBD. However, if I were going to use as training options, I would need to go with Ethernet. Just something to keep in mind.
  • Google account, enabled for Google+
  • best quality recordings, make sure you have the desired person in the top spot (click their thumbnail in the bottom row
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • screen-sharing capabilities. They’re view-only — you can’t control someone else’s screen through a hangout. You can share your entire desktop
  • You can also mute yourself manually by clicking the microphone icon at the top the screen.
Karen Justl

TeachThought100 Twitter Tips For Teachers - 0 views

  • organize those you’re following into different groups.
    • Karen Justl
      I don't understand lists. That what my hashtags are, no?
  • Create separate accounts. 
  • Learn how to use hashtags.
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • Choose a recognizable Twitter handle. 
  • Manage your online reputation.
  • Never say anything on Twitter you wouldn’t want people to find out about, or wouldn’t say in any other situation.
  • One of the best ways to connect with students and other academics on Twitter is by asking open-ended questions in your feed.
  • Twitter already forces you to be succinct, but you should keep things under the limit for a reason: when you shorten your tweets, it leaves room for others to chime in and retweet.
    • Karen Justl
      Never thought about this!
  • Tweet regularly. Twitter isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t ever use it. Develop a regular tweeting schedule both for yourself and for your courses that use Twitter.
  • Ask for help
  • Hold after-class discussions.
  • Ask questions relevant to course material. 
  • Use Twitter for class announcements
  • Share interesting online material.
  • Have a Twitter account for each class.
  • Reward participation. 
  • TweetdeckTweetdeck is an app by Twitter that makes it easier to arrange your feeds, schedule tweets, filter your content, and much more. A must for any Twitter power user.
    • Karen Justl
      I use this and don't consider myself a power user at all.
    • Karen Justl
      Take a look at these resources!
Karen Justl

"The 3R's" Using iPad in Reading - YouTube - 2 views

    Great example of using the iPod touch to build fluency
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