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Jason Finley

The Legal Implications of Gender Bias in Standardized Testing - 1 views

    About standardized Aptitude Tests and Interest Inventories. "A child who holds a preconceived idea they were born 'less-able' will never pursue mastery and may even avoid the perception of interest in a subject area or career field." "...interest inventories perpetuate stereotyped socialization patterns and a segregated workforce because they typically compare an individual's likes and dislikes to those of persons already in the workforce. Given the extreme sex and race segregation common in the workplace, this concern is significant." "...rather than expand vocational options, aptitude tests and inventories heighten the other systemic pressures that make a young woman's pursuit of nontraditional vocational training extremely unlikely." These three articles highlight the need for educators to be cognizant of bias in guiding students in the exploring classes, college majors, and career interests. Society informs and pressures young men and women to think of these things in terms of either being male or female-centric. These articles also show through studies that young women's performance on aptitude test is linked directly to societal perceptions of gender competence. With that it has implications on their interests or perceived non-interests.
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