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Jason Finley

Gender and the Career Choice Process: The Role of Biased Self-Assessments - 1 views

    Implications for PLPs around bias engrained in unconscious mental models and in commonly accepted practices for guiding students in their interests/choices around coursework in high school, college majors, and career interests.

    "Cultural beliefs about gender are argued to bias individuals' perceptions of their competence at various career-relevant tasks, controlling for actual ability. To the extent that individuals then act on gender-differentiated perceptions when making career decisions, cultural beliefs about gender channel men and women in substantially different career directions."
Jason Finley

Nurse or Mechanic? The Role of Parental Socialization and Children's Personality in the... - 0 views

    Implications for PLPs. Messages about "gender appropriate" career interests start long before students actually start to think about steps towards college and career.

    "One interesting implication of this study is that any action directed to increasing children's motivation and self-esteem, if successful, is likely to reduce occupational sex segregation in the future."
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