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Evan R

world hunger - 0 views

shared by Evan R on 06 May 11 - Cached
    this gives great info on world hunger around the world.
Christopher C

stopbullying - 0 views

David R

FEMA for Kids - 0 views

shared by David R on 06 May 11 - No Cached
Matthew B

drinking abuse and how it efects people. - 1 views

shared by Matthew B on 06 May 11 - Cached
Matthew B liked it
    how alcohol effects young kids and teenagers.
Julia B

Child abuse - 1 views

    this is a great site for facts about child abuse
Paige H

drunk driving facts - 2 views

    I am doing a public service announcement about stopping drunk driving.
Nicole G

animal cruelty - 7 views

    This web site is about animals that are getting treated badly
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    Lots of animals get abuse everyday .
    hope the lifes of an animal ends peacefully instead of suffering ! R.I.P ... <3
    wow... i feel sooooo bad for all those animals!!!! ):
    i feel so bad for those animal. Great job.
    I feel bad for all the animals that are getting abused .
    mee tooo julia
    i feel bad for those animals
Emilie H

Stop animal abuse and cruelty - 1 views

shared by Emilie H on 29 Apr 11 - Cached
    This website has facts and info about how to stop animal abuse and cruelty.
    good website emilie
Autumn K

Don't Smoke - 4 views

    You can hear someone talking about not smoking.
    I really think it's a horrible desition to have to make. Make the right disition!!!
    poeple who smoke will make other poeples lungs worse
Austin M

stavation - 0 views

    starvation needs to be stopped
Morgan B

Chlid abuse - 2 views

    be aware these photos may be disturbing but... sad!!!
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