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gio paolucci

Fighting Child Obesity - 0 views

    To talk more about child obesity, it is becoming an epidemic around the nation. The reason for the increase of obesity is most due to laziness. This article states how pedometers and moderate workouts can help students reach a goal everyday and be active. As teachers, these articles can be intergated into a cirriculum and increase activity for obese students.
gio paolucci

Fitness for Youth - 0 views

    This article states how our youth (ages 10-19) are not getting enough physical activity in their daily routine. The article shows how much time they are getting while being active and how obesity rates are climbing. As physical educators, we must reverse these stats to better numbers. By reading this article and stats, it will give you as a teacher to be more motivated to shape up the youth.

Great Website for Warmups and Cooldowns - 1 views

    The warm ups from this website are very effective because can help and teach a variety of warm ups to both teacher and student. These warm ups can help all parts of physical fitness such as flexibility, muscular endurance etc. It is easy to incorporate all these warm up into the cirriculum becasue they will inform students at a younger age to always warm up before playing. All these different type of warm up can be very helpful for students when they want to participate in physical activities without the teacher there. I recommend looking at this website for more details.
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