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Roberts Liardon

started by robertsweb on 14 Jun 14
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    In the sometimes crowded-seeming field of modern Christian ministry, Roberts Liardon has made a name for himself in a number of distinctive ways. The unique character of his work was established early on in his life, as Liardon distinguished himself as being especially connected to the

    Gospel at a very young age. In fact, when only thirteen years old, he delivered a compelling sermon that impressed all in attendance, recalling to the minds of some the talents of his grandfather, a man who had begun his own ministry at the same age.

    Only a scant couple of years later, after having met and been influenced by no less of a ministerial figure than the renowned Kathryn Kuhlman, he began lecturing in an academic setting. The young Liardon's research and conclusions showed a striking intellectual maturity for one so young, and he soon found himself engaged in conversation with some of the most respected theological thinkers of that time. Despite these rarefied pursuits, Liardon continued on a path of humility before the Lord and His Creation, always making time to help the least among us as well as those who had strayed from the straight and narrow.

    Roberts Liardon

    This twin focus continues today in the activities of Roberts Liardon Ministries, an organization which supports a wide range of Biblically inspired pursuits. The charitable works conducted under its auspices reach believers and others in a number of far-flung countries around the world, producing relief and enlightening through both evangelism and the provision of material comforts. Roberts Liardon himself has founded and led some of the most successful AIDS prevention campaigns in history, focusing on those portions of the African continent where the disease has damaged so many hopeful lives.

    At the same time, Liardon's research into the early days of Christianity and his theological interests have continued unabated. He has produced a number of highly regarded studies and academic papers which have helped to illuminate the distinctive character of the early Church and has contributed a number of satisfying answers to a variety of difficult questions of a more abstract sort. His popular works have been just as successful, finding their ways into the hands of millions of readers around the world, and undoubtedly contributing to the spread of the Good News in this way. In an age of specialization and sometimes even narrow-mindedness, then, the achievements detailed at remind us that, with the proper inspiration and direction, truly remarkable things can be achieved.

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