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started by renavastinfo on 07 Jul 14
  • renavastinfo
    People have a fear that pet supplements are harmful to the bodies of the pets, especially cats and dogs for which these supplements are designed. Such supplements are either crushed and mixed in the daily meals of the pets or given to them as a medicine. There are certain owners who prefer mixing them in milk so that the pets are unable to guess about the change in taste as some of the supplements taste real bad, as portrayed by the behaviors of some of the pets. But what is most important is to know whether pet supplements are harmful to the cats and dogs in any way.

    * No side effects ever reported online or otherwise as well:

    renavast for cats

    There have been several supplements like renavast for dogs and renavast for cats, introduced for the betterment of the health of dogs and cats. However, there have not been any side effects noted down by any of the supplements, except for the ones that contain potassium. Supplements that have potassium react in a negative manner; however, the reactions are not life-taking. These reactions include diarrhea, improper digestion and weakness in dogs. Therefore, it is suggested to have an idea about your dog's health by a good veterinarian before feeding him supplements that contain potassium.

    On the other hand, supplements like renavast for dogs and renavast for catsdo not force you to first consult the veterinarian because these contain vitamins and minerals that do not react in any negative ways in the bodies of your pets. Therefore, you can start feeding your pets with such supplements at any point of time and give them enough doses to have their energies raised up enough to play with you whenever you or they wish to. Vitamins and minerals are needed by all the animals, especially the ones that are into a lot of physical activities - just like the dogs jump from one place to another.

    Although there are no specific side effects ever observed in supplements without potassium for the pets, we suggest that you remember and note the following things before starting any sort of a supplement for your pet's health and betterment:

    * If your pet has a disease, get it detected and start the treatment.

    * If your pet is under any sort of a treatment, the medicines might react with certain items that the supplements contain.

    * Always get the supplement ingredients checked by the veterinarian, especially if your pet is on medication due to a disease or illness.

    * If you notice any change in the behavior of your pet in a negative manner after the consumption of any supplement, make sure that you take him to the nearest veterinarian quickly before any condition worsens. Just because other pets have never had any side effects doesn't mean that your pet won't, either. Every animal has a different body just like we all do too.

    Supplements are surely not bad for the health of your pets and hence most of the pet owners use them for their pets.

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