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janet rand

US Real Estate and Recession - 1 views

    We now face a new economic era, a period without precedent. Will we have a mild recession - or a deep one? Will the recession be short-lived - or something that will continue for years?
peter schiffer

Bob Chapman : we will have a Double Down not a Double dip Recession - The FED is playin... - 0 views

    Bob Chapman : we will have a Double Down not a Double dip Recession - The FED is playing with fire
Realty Breckenridge

Are We There Yet? | Breckenridge Summit County real estate blog, Colorado news - 2 views

  • Forget about the ink not being dry on the stimulus bill — it hasn’t even hit the paper. President Obama is due to sign a $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law on today, but investors want the recession over — now — showing their impatience with a huge drop this morning in the market.
    Forget about the ink not being dry on the stimulus bill - it hasn't even hit the paper. President Obama is due to sign a $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law on today, but investors want the recession over - now - showing their impatience with a huge drop this morning in the market.real estate, buisness
Purvi Joshi

How to know if South Beach properties are right for you - 0 views

    With South Beach properties, you have an array of wonderful options that await you. More people are flocking to South Beach properties than ever before in the history of this city. That's because the real estate recession has passed, and land values are on the rise again. As a healthier economy predicates, now homes in this area are once again a real steal. For those seeking fabulous real estate bargains, it's hard to overlook the South Beach area and this amazing locale.
Purvi Joshi

Landmark Elite | Plots & Land for sale in Uruli Kanchan, Pune - 0 views

    Landmark Realty is a real estate expert advisory that is focussed and has strategic approach towards investments. This plot is located in Uruli Kanchan, Pune. Considering the rising demand for Plots of land, We have started offering Developed plots with Boundary facing, Power and Water in place which promise good appreciation in land value and make good investment sense with Safe, Secure and Recession proof Investment.
Eric Fete

Steps To Sell House Quickly - 0 views

    How could I sell my house successfully? If this is major question or subject of worry this article is for you. Selling a house may not be a tough job, but selling it at the proper price can be tough. Today the economy is facing many ups and downs. Due to the recession real estate has been hit hard. Property prices have reached the bottom level. If you are planning to sell your house now, you have to take major steps to get it moved fast. It means you have to work hard to increase value of your home and get the appropriate price for it. There are some steps you have to follow to sell quickly.
Kimmy Burgess

How to Master Your Money in California - 0 views

    It's good news for most of the people in California as the state is now recovering from the economic recession and it has become easier to start businesses, find jobs, and invest locally. Not only this, a thriving California economy has spawned the success of many small businesses and investors are looking forward to the opportunity to invest in property. So now, when California is ripe with such opportunities and has an increased employment rate, it lies with the individuals to plan their business intelligently and go for a sound debt management, in order to take advantage of this economic recovery....
Kimmy Burgess

The Segments That Are Reshaping The Economy in California - 0 views

    California has successfully faced the recession and emerged as a potential state for business to develop and grow for some sectors. Check the info graphic for more.
Lisa Smith

Auctions are a Popular Route for Banks to Unload Distressed Commercial Assets - Auction... - 0 views

    As the fallout from the Great Recession continues, auctions are becoming an increasingly popular route for lenders to unload distressed commercial properties.
kevin peterson

Rent to Own Chicago - 0 views

    Buying a house helps the owner to feel like a mini-God. It has been extremely important for an average American to own a house. And, rent to own Chicago is the most perfect ploy for buying a house in this recession period.
Feldman Law Center

Feldman Law Center - Saving Thousands with a Loan Modification - Debt Settlement Combin... - 0 views

    Feldman Law Center - News by Feldman Law Center - A grinding recession has put already struggling homeowners in a position where household debt loads are quickly becoming unmanageable. Loan modification has become a well known remedy for those experiencing hardships including toxic mortgages, job losses, being underwater on the house, divorce, etc. It has been widely reported that fully half of these modifications end up back in default within six months. Recently Fitch Ratings published estimat
maher muhawieh

3 Effective Ways to Work Through Today's Real Estate Market - 0 views

    RISMEDIA, December 27, 2010-I'm encouraged by the straight talkin' in the industry about economic realities and effective ways to work through this recession.There's still a long road ahead as we navigate record-high foreclosures, steep unemployment and foreclosure moratoriums that can prolong recovery. But we're taking appropriate action and having the important conversations that will put real estate back on track.
Turkish Property

Property for sale in Altinkum - 0 views

    Property for sale in Altinkum is something worth considering if you are looking for an investment for the future or just a second home. With prices starting from just £17,000 for an apartment and £58,000 for a villa it is not hard to understand why thousands of foreigners and investors are now purchasing land or property in Turkey. Following the recent knock on effect of the world wide recession prices dropped an average 30% in the winter of 2008/2009. Other major cities in Turkey are starting to see price creeping back up however the bargains in Altinkum are still plenty.
abhilasha singh

Getting Refund of Service Tax on Purchase of Your Apartment or House - 0 views

    Service Tax is a tax levied on service providers in India. All service providers in India, except those in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, are required to pay Service Tax. The objective behind levying service tax is to reduce the degree of intensity of taxation on manufacturing and trade without forcing the government to compromise on the revenue needs. On February 24, 2009 in order to give relief to the industry reeling under the impact of economic recession, the rate of Service Tax was reduced from 12 per cent to 10 per cent. Procedure to get refund of service tax on purchase of your apartment
Own A Space

GR8 Homes Real Estate - Dubai - 0 views

    A Gr8 Homes Real Estate property is a successful name in real estate market in Dubai. At the time of recession; when the whole corporate world was in struggling phase to maintain their image in the market. GR8 Homes not even succeeded to survive but still giving best satisfying service to clients.
Ihering Alcoforado

Brazil Overview | Global Property Guide - 2 views

    Bubble trouble in Brazil Property prices are skyrocketing in Brazil. The construction sector is booming. And the mortgage market is expanding rapidly. But there is a growing concern that all this is unsustainable. And imbalances in the economy - an overvalued currency and high inflation - are exacerbating the dangers of the looming credit and property bubble. The average asking prices of new apartments across the country soared by 24.7% in April 2011 from a year earlier, according to Exame Magazine (using data from Ibope Intelligence, the largest Brazilian market intelligence firm). Based on the Ibope Intelligence figures, in April 2011:       *In Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro's most expensive district, the average price of        new properties rose 36% y-o-y to BRL13,031 (US$8,212) per sq. m., while the        price of existing properties increased 25% y-o-y to BRL12,134 (US$7,646)        per sq. m.       *In Jardim Paulista, Sao Paolo's most expensive district, the average price        of new properties rose 39% y-o-y to BRL9,120 per sq. m (US$5,747); the        average price of existing properties escalated 49% y-o-y to BRL6,959        (US$4,385) per sq. m. The FIPE ZAP Index of Dwelling Price Offers shows Sao Paolo dwelling prices up 25.9% during the year to April 2011, and up 83.7% over the past 3 years. In just two years (2008-2010), the average selling price of new one-bedroom apartments in São Paulo almost doubled. Newly launched two to four-bedroom apartments increased in value by between 40% and 60% over the same period, according to Embraesp, a local real estate research firm. Looking longer term, from 1996 to 2010, prices of newly launched apartments in São Paolo rose by almost 229% (131.6% in real terms), according to Embraesp, as the accompanying graph shows. For all years since 1996 price rises have been strongly positive, except in 2007, when house prices dropped slightly due
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    college town, collegetown,
    China is going to have a collapse soon. In the last ten years the new construction market has grown at 30% per yer. Its being supported by government paying for massive new real estate development. One day the Gov't in China is going to quit paying for this expansion and then it's really going to hurt.
RealtyPin RealtyPin

How Do You Deal with Mortgage Stress? - 0 views

    Mortgage stress can occur not only during economic recession but also when the economy is doing well.So how can you handle it?
vaynard norgard

BATHROOM MEDICINE CABINETS WITH MIRRORS >> Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors Tips... - 0 views

    Here's essential information on bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors. We have the best resources for bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors. Check it out for yourself!
Realty Breckenridge

Are We There Yet? - 12 views

Forget about the ink not being dry on the stimulus bill - it hasn't even hit the paper. President Obama is due to sign a $787 billion economic stimulus bill into law on today, but investors want th...

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