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started by poojaagrawal2902 on 05 Jul 19
  • poojaagrawal2902

    It was a long-awaited wish of mine that one day I would live in Mumbai in a self-purchased home. It is a dream that is not only seen by me but also almost everyone who has worked hard to see this dream come true. If we look a few years back then we can tell the difference between the prices of the residential homes. They have skyrocketed and the people who saw the dream of owning a home that time after a couple of years, the rise in the prices have washed away their plans.


    Since I worked in a reputed private firm, I was earning a decent amount and the second part was I was a single earning person living in Mumbai. The earnings from my father were sufficient enough to suffice the needs of our family and hence I didn’t have to contribute to fulfilling the needs of the family. So I decided to save up to buy a decent house of my own later down the line.


    After amassing enough funds I was ready to take the biggest financial decision of my life i.e buying the house of my dreams. However, I felt that I couldn’t spend all my hard earned money at once for the down payment and then to get a home loan for buying the house. The property that caught my eye was the Platinum Tower 31 in DN Nagar, Mumbai. This place was in close vicinity to my workplace and was well connected to other suburbs. The location of this project shared excellent connectivity with DN Nagar Metro Station, Western Express Highway, Domestic & International Airports, and Andheri Station of Western Railways.


    It was the perfect home one could find, however, the down payment was the biggest challenge for me. I searched the internet for something that could help me buy my home along with some of my savings for the future. Just when I thought that I couldn’t fulfil my dream and should give up on this house, I found the website of HomeCapital that showed a ray of hope. They had this program that was known as Down Payment Assistance for the home buyers. The best part was the property I was looking for was listed under their offering of this program.


    This program helped the buyers by providing up to half of the down payment amount which was in the form of interest-free credit. It was the perfect opportunity that I couldn’t let go. I contacted them and they helped me by making my home buying journey hassle-free. I would recommend everyone to check out HomeCapital’s website if you are looking to buy a home.

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