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Sybil Griffin

I Saved Money with Mobile Carpets - 4 views

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started by Sybil Griffin on 02 Jun 11
  • Sybil Griffin
    When our new house needed new carpets, I contacted a carpet company for quotes. A day after that, the mobile showroom of CarpetsOnTheMove happened to pass by our house. I called the mobile showroom and I was shown with different types of commercial carpet. Pleased with the array of commercial carpet, I asked the salesman to do quotations for commercial carpet installation in our house. After doing the quotation, I compared the price between the first carpet company and that of CarpetsOnTheMove. I found that CarpetsOnTheMove's quote was a better price and so I chose it. Now, the floor in my new home is donned with commercial carpet from CarpetsOnTheMove. Buy commercial carpets by calling on 1300-781-537 or visit

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