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A Mommy

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started by A Mommy on 17 Aug 08
  • A Mommy
    Just wondering if there are any of you wiling to help out with this group. Moderate, keep people from over posting their site and making sure links are somewhat all real estate related.

    Just send me a message.

  • raad2020
  • davidsmitis
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  • ruthready44
    What have you come to do in this world?

    How much do you know yourself?

    Who are you?

    When do you get lost? When you lose confidence in yourself. When you feel worthless. When you think of yourself as small. When you think of yourself as insignificant. When you get hurt,
    When your own people betray you. When someone of your own neglects you. You get hurt when you lose your favorite thing. I'm not talking about physical pain. Because the physical pain will end in a while.
  • assigntalent
    Nice topic, thanks for sharing all your thoughts! :)

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