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started by Hadir Elba on 29 Oct 07
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  • Hadir Elba
    Hello All
    Sorry my first post in the forum has to be this one but it needs to be done.
    -If you Overpost the same site you will be banned.
    1-Overposting the same link or more than 5 links from a domain. I know you want traffic but you don't need every page of your site here.
    -If you post a site that has NOTHING to do with real estate
    1-it will be deleted
    2-next time you will be banned
    3-Porn/warez or any unacceptable links will be deleted and you will be banned.

    Might ad more later depending on what/who posts.
    Hope you guys understand

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  • damirok
  • assigntalent
    Nice topic, thanks for sharing all your thoughts! :)

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