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Ken Lee

Discretion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

shared by Ken Lee on 05 Jun 08 - Cached
    Bureaucracy Discretion means in China "见机行事","酌情处理"
Ken Lee

塔夫斯大学开放式课程计划 - NUTR-0240-01 Theories of Public Policy, Spring 2004/2005 - 0 views

  • Why government gets involved in some things and not in others. How public problems are framed and described. What criteria are useful in developing and assessing policy choices. How policy choices and outcomes are mediated and influenced by individuals, organizations and political institutions.
Ken Lee

傅国涌:陈独秀--回归"德先生" - 中国报道周刊 - 0 views

  • 德谟克拉西,是各階級为求多数意见之致以发展其整个的階級力所必需之工具;他是无产階級民主集权制之一原素,没有了他,在黨内黨外都只是集权而非民主,即是变成了民主集权制之反面官僚集权制。在官僚集权制之下,蒙蔽,庇护,腐败,堕落,营私舞弊,粉饰太平,萎靡不振,都是相应而至的必然现象
    • Ken Lee
  • 科学与民主,是人类进步之两大主要动力”,“人类社会之进步,虽不幸而有一时的曲折,甚至于一时的倒退,然而只要不是过于近视的人,便不能否认历史的大流,终于是沿着人權民主运动的总方向前进的
  • 民主是自古代希腊罗马以至今天、明天、后天,每个时代被压迫的大众反抗少数特权阶层的旗帜,并非仅仅是某一特殊时代的历史现象
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  • 而没有民主制做官僚制之消毒素,也只是世界上出现了一些史大林式的官僚政权,残暴、贪污、虚伪、欺骗、腐化、堕落,决不能创造甚么社會主義
  • 獨裁制如一把利刃,今天用之杀别人,明天便会用之杀自己
Ken Lee

陈志武:我们的政府有多大? - 中国报道周刊 - 0 views

shared by Ken Lee on 03 May 08 - Cached
Ken Lee

关天网刊 : 要哪一种爱国主义 - 一五一十部落 | My1510 - 0 views

shared by Ken Lee on 03 May 08 - Cached
  • 如果你不是政治家,也不是心理学家,而是一个爱国的人,我认为最好的爱国行动就是改造自己,把自己的心理调节好,去掉自己身上残留的奴性、自欺欺人、麻木等等弱点,让自己能多一点点勇气、多一点点真诚、最终能多一点点爱心,我认为这是我们能做的最实际的爱国行为。
Ken Lee

公务员相关英语怎么说 - 从不会英语到成为英语高手 - 0 views

shared by Ken Lee on 11 Apr 08 - Cached

Wen: China worried about US financial woes - 0 views

  • blaze
  • subprime crisis
  • the 11th National People's Congress
    • hechuan
      the 11th National People's Congress was held from March 5th-18th 2008.
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  • as high as 8.7
  • control inflation
  • two prevents
  • to prevent the fast-growing economy from being overheated
  • and keep structural price rises from turning into significant inflation.
  • a big squad of press
  • the US subprime debacle
  • depreciation of the US dollar
  • greenback
    • hechuan
  • the US Federal Reserve
    • hechuan
      the Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States .its unique structure includes 1.a federal government agency ,the board of governors ,in Washingto D. C ,and 2. 12regional reserve bank
  • interest rates
    • hechuan
      the definition of an interest rate can be found in The Economic's dictionary of part they define "rate of interest "as follow : the proportion of a sum of money that is paid over a specified period of time in payment for its loan. it is the price a borrower has to pay to enjoy the use of cash which he does not own .and the return a lender enjoys for deffering his comsumption or parting with liquidity .
  • a tight monetary policy
    • hechuan
      Tight Monetary Policy: a course of action undertaken by the federal reserve to constrict spending in an economy that is seen to be growing too quickly,or to curb inflation when it is rising too fast.The Federal will "make monetary tight "by raising short-term interest rates (also known as the Fed funds ,or discount rate ),which increase the borrowing and effectively reduces its attractive ness .
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