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Nicole Zumpano

QR Code in the Classroom - 23 views

A blog post (with presentation embedded) on using QR Codes in classrooms:

QR codes qr codes education mobile learning

started by Nicole Zumpano on 17 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
kimberly caise

Use QR Codes to extend classroom learning by creating "QR Stations." | Where the Classr... - 14 views

    great lesson plan
Dianne Rees

SCVNGR: Accidental Learning » Float Mobile Learning - Mobile Learning Strategy - 5 views

    Museums, mobiles, and location-based games
Dianne Rees

Presentation : Collecting & sharing location-based content at the Zoo - 4 views

    A nice presentation of research on the use of QR codes/mlearning for informal learning at a zoo. Good discussion about some logistics to consider when dealing with QR codes
Dianne Rees

QR Stuff: Free Printable QR Code Generator, Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Labels & ... - 3 views

    If you're wondering how to print your QR codes...
Dianne Rees

Do Doctors use QR Codes? | iQ - the innovation lab of GSW Worldwide - 2 views

    More to do with use in the medical field but there are many health education implications (for docs and patients)
Dianne Rees

QR Code Awareness | Austin & Williams Unplugged - 0 views

    Geared more towards the marketing uses of QR codes, the comments include some useful resources
Al Tucker

Mobile learning #9: A Dummies Guide to QR codes - e-moderation station - 0 views

    • 5 How can you use QR codes in education?

      Here are some ideas for using QR codes in education that I have found and especially like. These are all from my recent reading on the web. The sources of all of these ideas are in the ‘Read more…’ section at the bottom of this post.

      • Add a QR code url to extra reading/resources on the final slide of a PowerPoint presentation in a talk. Participants with QR code readers can scan it before they leave. (Of course it’s also a good idea to include the url in full on your slide for those without a QR reader! The idea is that for those who have readers, it saves copying down an url letter by letter.)
      • Include QR codes in published books, journals, or on paper handouts, which link to further resources. Especially for academic text books and course books, this has great potential, imho.
      • Create a series of QR codes and attach them to physical objects in or outside the classroom, as part of a treasure hunt. Each code can supply a clue and a link to further information, which students need to collect to complete the treasure hunt.
      • Students research a topic and present their findings in posters which are stuck on the classroom walls. The students create and include QR codes in the poster presentations, which link to online multimedia resources connected to the project topic. An excellent way to create low-tech multimedia poster presentations!

    Great blog post by Nicky Hockly. Simple explanation of QR codes with some practical classroom uses.
Dianne Rees

Microsoft Tag - Connecting Real Life and the Digital World using Mobile Barcodes! - 0 views

    Not QR codes, but microsoft tags have similar applications
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