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started by anonymous on 28 May 09
  • anonymous
    After mucking about with some video conferencing software the other day, I wondered if we should start a series of "ESD tool reviews". Those of us that are interested could choose a theme, put together a bunch of criteria, find some tools, try them out against our criteria, write it up and publish it.

    I think it would be best to actually try out the tools themselves which obviously means they need to be free or we need to be able to get trial copies of them. Where this isn't possible then we could still review things based on whatever information we can glean but I think actually using the tools is the best thing.

    Potential topics I can think of are:

    Video conferencing software (or virtual classrooms, they might not be considered to be the same thing...Adobe Connect, DimDim, Skype...)
    Podcasting (Audacity, Garageband, Soundbooth...)
    Screen casting / capture (Camtasia, Adobe Presenter, iShowU, Wink...)
    Software for making quizzes (Articulate, Captivate?, HotPotatoes)
    Social bookmarking (Delicious, Diigo, Magnolia?)
    Blogging services (Wordpress, Blogger, EduBlogs...)
    Wiki services (Wetpaint...ummmmmm)
    'Start page' services (Netvibes, Pageflakes)

    Any takers?

    If so, I would suggest that we start with the video conferencing one as there's already been some interest in that.
  • Giles Martin
    Count me in.

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