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James Erickson

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loft conversion

started by James Erickson on 25 Mar 12
  • James Erickson

    Over the past few years as house prices have soared, it is not as much as a viable option since it used to be to merely buy another house. In the last 10 years, house prices have tripled typically and the recent economic down turn did little to tug prices back down.

    The simple fact is that there are more demand than supply, why you might ask, well its simple, the population has steadily grown in the last a decade but unfortunately the amount new houses on the market just hasn't kept pace therefore even during economic drawdown's the home market may be capable of shrug off fears.

    Consequently home-owners happen to be looking towards practical options to moving. Loft conversions or attic conversions as some call them are a very practical treatment for creating a little extra room within a home, delaying the necessity to an instantaneous move. The government has additionally recognised the fact it is not always economically easy for families to go to a larger accommodation and also have therefore made efforts to relax the design laws in 2008 in terms of loft / attic conversions. Before the 2008 planning regulation change, all loft conversions had to be authorised from the local council. Homeowners would first must draft an architectural plan with the proposed changes for the attic / loft and then fill out an application for planning permission towards the local council an in the event the plans they viewed as acceptable this planning permission was granted then and only then perform begin. The entire process took weeks and could cost anything from a £1000 upwards

    loft conversion

    The 2008 planning regulations change managed to get in order that attic / loft conversions fell beneath the banner of "permitted development" which resulted in in most instances if you adhered to some rudimentary rules regarding size and appear from the attic / loft conversion planning permission was no longer required.

    This opened the doors to attic / loft conversions, which makes it a lot more accessible for homeowners. The amount of money they might have experienced to pay on simply making an application could now be used on the task itself which made even more of your economical solution to the other option of moving to some larger home. As a result loft / attic conversions have grown to be more popular then ever.

    After you have decided a loft / attic conversion is easily the most practical solution then the second step is always to decide the style of attic / lot conversion you are going to have in your property. Sometimes this is often suffering from the type and size of he property you own, the greater and better the roof is from the surface walls with the property the more options you'll have.

    The following are a couple of attic / loft conversion styles to take into account.

    Roof light
    Front side/dormer
    Rear side/dormer

    For your eco-friendly person trying to reduce their carbon footprint and also at once spend less in the long run, extras for example fitting solar power panels, this could be the right time to look at this little addition because the costs would be minimal since most of the work is already focussed across the roof anyways. Don't dismiss the concept without looking into it especially as much local councils are able to provide school funding to any homeowners who install solar panel systems. Get hold of your local council to ascertain if they provide any financial aid to your area. Along with solar panels, water systems that collect rain water for general household uses for example toilet and washing machine [not drinking water] can also be an alternative and I believe that some local councils are looking at school funding because of this as well

    loft conversion leads

    After you have decided on the type of style you want to implement, then it is time for you to locate a builder. It is rather important to find the correct builder to do the job, somebody who is trustworthy, reliable and efficient. Choosing the best builder can be a pain for most people as they have experienced issues with builders before. To prevent problems, it is best to arrange a meeting with the builder and show him around the property so he can see firsthand in which the task has to be done and show him types of what you need to accomplish. Simple magazine remove are beneficial and will help create a picture inside the builders mind of precisely what you need. Then permit him to come up with a proposal. Always remember that what you need and what is possible may not always be the same thing particularly if you working within a tight budget, so try to be flexible whenever feasible just because a good builder will be able to work about many obstacles around structure of the home.

    When possible ask to see some similar work they've got done in somebody else's property. In the event the builder includes a good reputation then recent customers will be more than happy to show others the task they have done.

    Don't be surprised or concerned in the event the builder isn't able to provide you with a perfect quote at that moment.
    After the builder spent some time working out what work needs to be done and also the estimated time. Question to make a schedule for you, so that you understand what work will probably be completed each day or week. By doing this it is possible to maintain track and exercise if they are falling behind schedule.

    Finally a very important thing to keep in mind is; a great builder will never ask for money upfront. As the work progresses the builder may require parts of the structure costs. Work all these arrangements out prior to the work starts. Remember that a good builder will usually listen and try to accommodate your entire needs inside the parameters of your family home.

    If you are planning to accomplish an loft conversion in the Birmingham area and you're unsure about who to inquire about or trust then drop us a contact or click the link below and I'll try my better to help you. This can be my own email address contact information so no spamming please.

    Enjoy your loft conversion.

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