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Kermit Rhodes

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started by Kermit Rhodes on 10 May 12
  • Kermit Rhodes
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here's a TV that does your thinking for you!. Presenting, my Samsung smart tv review!Nope, it doesn't do any of that. We're not about to be taken for a ride, that's my point. We are complicated, medicated, quite frustrated, well-orchestrated, though mentally-castrated and sometimes constipated, not at all times satiated yet still totally overvalued people on the UK, circa 2012. Adverts

    We can see it coming. We know corporate BS like another language. We won't buy it just because it has the word 'smart' inside title. I'm not sure. Useful. I know, to offer one final example, that a smarttoaster would still require one to purchase bread.

    For those of you who're scrolling with the rest, here is my Samsung smart tv review. Is great looking. To top everything off, it is available in impossibly cool. Loft? This TV will work. Wildlife hanging from your ceiling and a 'Deliverance' poster on your wall? Complete the effect.

    Now we come towards the 'smart' bit; this TV Want to see Slap 'em on! This TV best smart tv box reviews comes pre-loaded with 4 (count them) HDMI sockets, so there's almost zero one can't watch. There isn't really much in the way of bad points. Do you actually need it?. I guess that's the matter you need to be asking yourself. Perfectly satisfied to take a seat down and watch re-runs of Star Trek on almost anything. Maybe that's too harsh, its, in fact, OK to spoil yourself once in a while.

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