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Jonah Campbell

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started by Jonah Campbell on 21 Apr 12
  • Jonah Campbell
    Automobile wrecks are among the top causes of death today in the U.S. Driving while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is one of the primary causes of automobile wrecks. Approximately 15,000 people are killed each year by drunk or drugged drivers. Selfish drunk driving causes horrific tragedy and loss of life, with family members and loved ones being lost to people. Even without committing manslaughter, drunk driving can still have serious repercussions. It is possible that you could be arrested and charged with "driving under the influence" (DUI).

    DUI is a criminal offense across the U.S. and can seriously destroy your entire life. It can result in prison time, losing your driver's license, and fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars. You could jeopardize your family, career, and your future. We have now established that driving drunk is a bad idea, but what would you do if you did happen to be caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

    It's essential to employ an experienced driving under the influence (DUI) lawyer to help lessen the repercussions of your DUI case. Hold on though. Try not to need the services of a Honolulu DUI lawyer in the first place. We'll discuss here a number of ways you can stop yourself from ever needing the services of a Honolulu DUI lawyer.

    Obviously if you don't own a car, you could avoid needing a Honolulu DUI lawyer. This allows you to drink as much as you want and not be tempted to drive, since you do not own a car. You could also avoid driving by going to bars that are within walking distance from your home. Socializing at home or at a friend's house are also good ways to avoid driving. You can only get arrested for DUI if you're driving. Rather than going out, it is possible to stay home and drink instead. Host a party by having some friends over. If you party with friends, let everyone stay overnight at your house so that nobody has to drive after drinking. If you and your friends go out, make sure that one person in the group does not drink so that he or she can get everyone home safely.

    Another excellent suggestion for avoiding a DUI case is to have a designated driver. This person will not drink any alcohol at all and is the person responsible for making sure the rest of the people in the group get home safely. This is a good option if one of your friends is a non-drinker. If all of your friends are drinkers, you'll need to pick one to be the designated driver. The best option though is to take it in turns in your groups of friends to be the designated driver. This way is much fairer, with nobody being stuck with the job of designated driver all the time.

    Would it not be horrific to wake up in jail, knowing that you are there because you killed someone by being careless and selfish? Isn't it worthwhile knowing that if you stay home and drink or utilize a designated driver when you go out drinking, you could very well never have to avail yourself of the services of a Honolulu DUI lawyer?

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