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Todd Suomela

Peanut Butter and Paternalism | Psychology Today Blogs - 2 views

    Where is the line between safety and paternalism? Two cases: food regulation and motorcycle helmets.
Sue Frantz

Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy : Article : Nature - 0 views

    I'm having a hard time thinking this is a good idea. I'd prefer to move toward less reliance on drugs rather than more.
    "In this article, we propose actions that will help society accept the benefits of enhancement, given appropriate research and evolved regulation. Prescription drugs are regulated as such not for their enhancing properties but primarily for considerations of safety and potential abuse. Still, cognitive enhancement has much to offer individuals and society, and a proper societal response will involve making enhancements available while managing their risks."

Nutraceuticals - 0 views

shared by spicesboard on 07 Sep 15 - No Cached
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