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Borne Mace

Feel Full Faster by Pretending the Food You're Eating Is Indulgent - 14 views

Todd Suomela

Project Syndicate - 0 views

    Trivial reminders of money made a surprisingly large difference. For example, where the control group would offer to spend an average of 42 minutes helping someone with a task, those primed to think about money offered only 25 minutes. Similarly, when someone pretending to be another participant in the experiment asked for help, the money group spent only half as much time helping her. When asked to make a donation from their earnings, the money group gave just a little over half as much as the control group. Why does money makes us less willing to seek or give help, or even to sit close to others? Vohs and her colleagues suggest that as societies began to use money, the necessity of relying on family and friends diminished, and people were able to become more self-sufficient. "In this way," they conclude, "money enhanced individualism but diminished communal motivations, an effect that is still apparent in people's responses today."
nick gibson

Milgram experiment recreated again, and again... - 0 views

    "Test subjects were asked to give a person behind a screen electric shocks when he answered questions wrong. The person behind the screen was an actor, pretending to get shocked and screaming in pain."
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