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Pooja Runija

Control your HOME from anywhere! - 0 views

    With the ringing chime of Christmas, everyone wants to brighten up their home by the twinkle of seasonal decorations. If you like to play with technology, it's always tempting to opt for the high-tech solution like control your festive lights with home automation devices, even when you are far away from home.
jen cha

Ideal of Home Office Furnitures to Support Productive Workforce - 0 views

    A collective range of home office furniture with mobile work stations, media centres, eco home designs and much more.

Home tuition petaling jaya : Democratic Education - 0 views

    The concept of democratization of education will provide the same opportunities to each individual to choose the type of school in home tuition petaling jaya, regardless of economic status, social rights, gender, race, religion or background.
Aelicia Doore

CNA Certification - 0 views

    A CNA assists the nursing and Physician staffs at hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies in conducting routine medical checks and performing tasks such as feeding and bathing. CNA may also setup medical equipment and monitor overall patient well-being. CNAs always operate under the direct supervision of the nurses and doctors employed by the facility where they work.
m Asif

Home Design Ideas New Year 2011 for the New Year 2011 | Grand Hotels - 5 views

    Home Design Ideas New Year 2011
zafar iqbal

White-colored Home statements ObamaCare excellent a 'penalty,' despite judge contacting it a 'tax' - 0 views

    First it was a charge. Then it was a tax. Now it's a charge again. The war of words over what to contact the excellent that come with the government medical health care overhaul's most questionable supply ongoing Saturday, as the White-colored Home took issue with the Better Court's disagreement - even though that disagreement alone saved Primary executive Our country's law.
Open TeleShop

H20 Mop X5 Steamer in Pakistan,Lahore,Islamabad,Karachi | Online Shop In All Over Pakistan-OpenTeleShop.Com - 0 views

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION H20 MOP X5 CLEANER IN PAKISTAN For any hard floor. The H2O Mop X5 steam cleaning breaks down and loosens the dirt. In the same pass. The super absorbent microfiber attachments lift the dirt and lock it in Openteleshop - sweeping, mopping and polishing your floor all at once!For carpets and rugs. Use the carpet glider attachment and instantly deodorize, sanitize, and refresh all your rugs and carpets - saving you hundreds on carpet cleaners and without using any harmful chemicals. 1 Floor Cleaner- thoroughly deep cleans most floor types. Get great results on marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, laminate and sealed hardwoodOpenteleshop 2 Hand Held Steamer- cleans even hard to reach places effectively. Comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush for maximum versatility.Openteleshop 3 Window Cleaner- virtually cleans any surface in seconds, without using any harmful chemicals, have spotless, streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces, and clean super tough stains on sinks, stove tops, and even inside ovens.Openteleshop 4 Carpet Cleaner- the innovative carpet glider brings carpets and rugs back to life. Use it to remove stains, refresh, revive and deodorize.Openteleshop 5 Garment Steamer-Say Goodbye to Ironing. With the Garment Steamer attachment, wrinkles fall out, creases melt away and your garments will be fresh and ready to wear.Openteleshop H20 MOP X5 CLEANER ACCESSORIES- ► H20 X5™ Steamer - Variable Steam, Filter-Free Design, Light Weight ► Carpet Glider - Pyramid Shaped, Easy Attach Design ► Extension Hose - Reinforced 32 Inch(85 Cm), Built-In Hand Grip ► Jet™ Nozzle - Easy Attach Design, Threaded Aluminum Spout ► Nylon Brush Head - Threaded Screw-On Design ► Wire Brush Head - Threaded Screw-On Design ► Window, Mirror And Glass Attachment - Built-In Squeegee, ► Duster Attachment - 360 Degree Vented Release, Easy Attach Design ► Micro Fiber Pad - Machine Washable, Hands-Free Atta

Universal Adjustable Wrench - 0 views

100% Brand new and High quality. Repair tools for the Smart home, Electronic tool equipment Smart-home, House tools, home Improvement, Indoor &Outdoor Light… The product as described in the picture...

started by ava777 on 19 May 19 no follow-up yet
dean groom

Greenbush Edusim - 0 views

  • Edusim is a free opensource 3D virtual world specifically for your classroom interactive whiteboard.
    Got IWBs? - this is a 3D world that kids can add to or move around ... it connects to other IWBs so they can collaborate ... and best of all it's FREE. Can also work with a Wiimote FREE home brew IWB too.
Scott Ashwell

Implementing Authentic Tasks in Web-Based Learning Environments (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT - 0 views

    Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines authentic as genuine and real.6 Lebow described authentic activity as "experiences of personal relevance that permit learners to practice skills in environments similar to those in which the skills will be used."7 Brown, Collins, and Duguid described authentic activities as the "ordinary practices of the culture."8 According to Newmann and Wehlage, authentic activities are real-world tasks that a person can expect to encounter on the job, in the home, or in other social contexts.9 An important implication of these definitions is that authentic activities have the potential to foster meaningful intellectual accomplishment and learning, since authentic learning activities are directly related to students' real-life experiences.
Joe Pomrening

Home (ePortfolios with GoogleApps) - 0 views

    A website to support the use of GoogleApps to construct ePortfolios in both K-12 schools and in higher education
dean groom

Online Adventure Games, Text Adventure Games, Online Text Adventure Games, Adventure Games Online - 0 views

    The Original online adventure games were text adventure games in which you were faced with puzzles and obstacles to overcome to complete your quest. They existed only on large corporate or academic mainframe computers in the 1970s. In the early 1980s these intriguing games became available to a much wider audience as classic adventures such as 'The Hobbit' fuelled sales of the first home computers such as the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair Spectrum. Since then online adventure games have evolved into multiuser games (generically known as MUDS) and are infinitely more challenging than the original adventure game designers could ever have dreamed. Many players share the same environment and adventure alongside you or compete against you as the whim takes them. The linear nature of the old adventure games has now mostly disappeared and the best of the new generation of online text adventure games are multi-dimensional in their game play and may be better described, perhaps, as interactive novels - often without end. A few highly commercial multiuser graphical adventures games are also now available, but they tend to lack depth and none are yet rated here.
Matt Arguello - 1 views

    LEGO Robotics Curriculum Guide

Watch Don't Breathe | Movie & TV Shows Putlocker - 0 views

    A group of teens break into a blind man's home thinking they'll get away with the perfect crime. They're wrong.

Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | Movie & TV Shows Putlocker - 0 views

    Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they...

Watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV | Movie & TV Shows Putlocker - 0 views

    The magical kingdom of Lucis is home to the world's last remaining Crystal, and the menacing empire of Niflheim is determined to steal it. King...

máy tính cũ hải phòng - 1 views

máy tính hải phòng

started by damvanmac on 14 Dec 16 no follow-up yet
Don Doehla

4 Keys To Designing A Project-Based Learning Classroom - - 0 views

    "Traditional American classrooms tend to fit a particular mold: Students face the front of the class where teachers lecture. Students take notes, finish assignments at home, and hope to memorize enough information just long enough to pass a test. Engagement and passion are often in short supply - among students and teachers. The system does not necessarily accommodate all learning styles, and even those who fair well may be missing out on other important work-life lessons, like how to creatively solve problems, stay focused, work as part of a team, and organize their thoughts in a way others will understand. This is where project-based learning enters the equation."
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