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Don Doehla

8 Essentials for Project-Based Learning (by BIE) | Project Based Learning | BIE - 0 views

    "What is it? Here's an article by BIE, updated from its original appearance in the September 2010 issue of Educational Leadership magazine from ASCD. Good for general audiences as well as educators, it explains the essential elements that make rigorous PBL different from "doing projects." Why do we like it? This article was written because some teachers say they "do projects" already (so why learn more about PBL) and some educators and members of the general public may have negative stereotypes of PBL as merely a "fun" or "hands-on" activity. How can you use it? Share this article with anyone, from teachers to parents to administrators, to explain PBL and provide a common framework for projects. The 8 Essential Elements are the basis of BIE's Project Design Rubric and PBL 101 Workshop."
Don Doehla

A Better List Of Ideas For Project-Based Learning - 0 views

    Great article for resources on PBL, links to other articles, project ideas, integration of edtech ideas...

How to Make Money by Writing Online - make lots of money - 0 views

    If you're an aspiring writer, you're aware that it gets a bit overwhelming not knowing exactly where to start making your mark. Worry no more, this article is here to help you get started. This article hopes to give you ideas on how you can kick start your writing career and get your words out there.Read more

BIE: Research & Evaluation: Project Based Research - 0 views

shared by jkrauss on 05 May 08 - Cached
    "We have recently completed a national survey of PBL use in US high schools." Might be BIE-centric (several articles by John Mergendoller, other principals of BIE),
    I am collecting articles that evaluate efficacy of the pbl approach.
Robyn Page

How Smartphones and Handheld Computers Are Bringing on an Educational Revolution | Fast Company - 0 views

  • Related Contentrelated link A Is for App [Slideshow]related linkGame On! Gemma and Eliana Singer are big iPhone fans. They love to explore the latest games, flip through photos, and watch YouTube videos while waiting at a restaurant, having their hair done, or between ballet and French lessons. But the Manhattan twins don't yet have their own phones, which is good, since they probably wouldn't be able to manage the monthly data plan: In November, they turned 3.
Alja labiya

Buy Muslim Women Abayas | Articles@HowTo - 0 views

    A variety of words area unit sometimes utilized to specific the varied designs and types of garments worn by Muslims throughout the globe. Often, identical style of covering has many alternative names looking on regional terms or terms. Buy Muslims Women abayas chose to get their garments whereas moving into the Muslim world or sew their own. Nonetheless, the net is nowadays allowing Muslims from everywhere the globe prepared access to a growing range of on-line retailers.  
Mr Clifton

Write and publish at least one - 1 views

Write and publish at least one blog post each week. Choose from the four types of posts below. Read and respond to two other blog posts each week by adding comments. \n\nReflect and ConnectWon...

started by Mr Clifton on 17 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
mark richards

Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition - 24 views

  • Neptune has 13 known moons. The largest, Triton, was discovered in 1846 by William Lassell only about a month after Neptune was discovered.
David Wetzel

Teaching Science and Math Daily - 24 views

    Daily summary of the stories, articles, and resources for teaching K-12 science and math.
Tom Hemingway

Project management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 0 views

    nice article on pm
dean groom

BBC NEWS | Technology | The World Wide Web turns 15 (again) - 0 views

    Origins of the internet - a great article to introduce the internet to students. Wow 15 years have passed. No wonder high school students don't see access to information on demand as 'wow'. it has always been like that. I bet teachers can remember life before ... some need to let go and move towards the light. :)
dean groom

BBC NEWS | Technology | Luminaries look to the future web - 0 views

    Great article on the future of the web from people who predicted it's growth a decade or two ago. Where to they see it heading now. Interesting to compare this to NMCs Horizon Report 2008.
dean groom

Bill Gates demos Touchwall, vertical Microsoft Surface - 0 views

    This is an interesting (well interesting for Microsoft) article about turning the biss ass table on it's side. It also refused to work during Gates' keynote. What is more interesting is the back channel of comments. This is a great example to show kids about writing a report - Reports are not longer closed texts.
dean groom

Betchablog » Reflection on Will Richardson Seminar - 0 views

    RSS this blog! - this article has some great links and feeds too
Dolores Gende

Problem Based Learning free pdf files - 0 views

    Neat collection of free articles via @snbeach
Brendan Jones

What Makes Project-Based Learning a Success?| The Committed Sardine - 0 views

    When we think of project-based learning we think about things like collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and Creativity Fluency. But what about what about things such as committment, trust, and relationship building? It's all part of one Texas high school's vision to bring PBL to every student at every grade level. This Edutopia article by Mariko Nobori has more.
Maryann Angeroth

The Muppets Guide to Project-Based Learning (PBL) | Michael K. Milton ~ @42ThinkDeep - 0 views

    "One of my goals for this upcoming year is to create a project-based learning (PBL) unit for my World History class. In order to wrap my head around this concept I have been lurking in different Twitter chats and reading articles about PBL. Still, the concept seemed foreign to me. It wasn't until I was running this morning and my mind was a million miles away (an estimate only) thinking about the new Muppet movie that things began to connect."
Don Doehla

Evernote Blog | How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) - 0 views

    Digital portfolios of student work are powerful to help students see how they have grown over time. In turn, they support confidence in students to tackle things they may have once thought too difficult to learn. I have used wikis for this purpose, and they work well, but Evernote, with its apps for smartphones in addition to web access and desktop apps, is more versatile. In addition, students can take photos and make voice recordings to add to their notes, and share folders with their teachers and group members. Great tips here in this article.
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