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Contents contributed and discussions participated by jkrauss


Interested in teaching with primary sources? - 18 views

started by jkrauss on 05 Aug 09 no follow-up yet
  • jkrauss
    A small group of teachers and teacher educators recently started working together to figure out great lessons that take advantage of primary sources, in particular those from Gilder Leherman and the Library of Congress. We will be tagging all our stuff LOC. If you want to see or add to the materials we've found useful to share with one another, just use the tag. We are organizing our work in a wiki that you can also find tagged LOC. Here's to learning adventures. Lurk or join, we're happy to blow this open.
Demetri Orlando

Describing the use of Diigo - please co-author - 33 views

started by Demetri Orlando on 25 Nov 08 no follow-up yet

Merging the tried-and-true with the new - 43 views

started by jkrauss on 13 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • jkrauss
    PBLnet is a long-standing pbl discussion board on yahoo groups founded in 2001. Do you use it? I find the archive very useful and go there to see what Diane McGrath, Bob Perleman and others are paying attention to. I just posted about the Diigo PBL group there-- hope for cross-pollination!
dean groom

PBL Delivery - whos using Web2.0 in their projects - 105 views

pbl web2.0
started by dean groom on 24 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • jkrauss
    Nice to find you here Telannia! Heading to your blog right now to see how the project's going.

    Telannia Norfar wrote:
    > I am trying to incorporate web 2.0 tools more into my mathematics classroom. I am using ning and wikispaces this year. The links are, and Check them out and fill free to join to put in some input.
    > I hope to do more next year since I really discovered most of the items last summer. I am hoping to investigate how to use them better this year.
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