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Lauren Parren

Not Just Group Work -- Productive Group Work! | Edutopia - 0 views

    "caffolding Culture How are you building a culture of collaboration in your classroom? Teachers should not forget the importance of scaffolding the skills needed for students to work in groups. Paired with a good collaboration rubric, where students know what is expected of them in terms of behavior, teachers need to scaffold skills such consensus building, effective communication, and the ability to critique. Educators need to explicitly teach and assess collaboration, a critical 21st century skill, if they want their group work to be productive."
Dianne Rees

AJET 22(4) Brickell and Herrington (2006) - scaffolding learners in authentic, problem ... - 33 views

    Describes the use of scaffolding in a PBL challenge
dean groom

Applying Learning Design concepts to problem-based learning - 20 views

    Problem-Based Learning (PBL) seeks to produce learners who not only remember the theory, they know how and when to apply it. However, providing a problem to a group of students is not a guarantee that they will be able to solve it. Even more uncertain is whether the solution the students offer and the journey they undertook to arrive at it resulted in them learning the intended underlying concepts and theories. As students become increasingly time poor, they are less inclined towards a learning approach which requires them to be self-directed and motivated. This paper reports on a learning design which seeks to scaffold and accelerate the PBL process by providing a balance of facts and concepts to be remembered and tested via an online quiz, followed by an activity-based tutorial session that focussed on the application of those concepts to new problems in conjunction with the use of resource material and memory aids
    Thanks!. Is very intersting.
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