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Eric Patnoudes

Reform Education, Change the World - 0 views

    Ideas for progress toward reforming public education, innovative uses of technology in the classroom and making school an authentic and meaningful experience.
Michelle Krill

Resources for Project-Based Learning - 3 views

    "Last month we released Projects for all our education wikis. Our intention was to give you a better tool for group work, but, as many of you have pointed out, they're also great for project-based learning. Project-based learning, or PBL, grew out of early 20th century education reform, like the works of John Dewey. It generally involves directed, open-ended questions, real-life problem solving, and presentation to an authentic audience. And, of course, it's a great way for students to build collaboration and 21st-century skills while mastering content. We're really looking forward to hearing how you use PBL and the Projects feature in your classrooms. We're so excited, in fact, that we rounded up a few resources from around the web to help you out:"
Tom Hemingway

10 Unbreakable Rules for Project Success :: Reforming Project Management - 1 views

    reference to a longer essay by Mark Lilly & Tim Rahshulte. Good rules re planning, communicating, learning, in project management
    reference to a longer essay by Mark Lilly & Tim Rahshulte. Good rules re planning, communicating, learning, in project management. "Projects require cooperation, collaboration, and coordination."
Tony Searl

Political Debate In Australia - 0 views

  • community passivity
    • Tony Searl
      bred from learning passivity
  • The largest factor in the three, I believe, is community withdrawal and disillusion.
  • Despite the exponential increases in public education and access to information in the past century, the quality of political debate appears to have become increasingly unsophisticated, appealing to the lowest common denominator of understanding
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  • In 1860 the technology was primitive but the ideas were profound and sophisticated. In 2011 technology is sophisticated but the ideas uttered by presidential aspirants are embarrassing in their banality, ignorance and naivety.
  • In 2006 I suggested that it might be time to actually define ''Education'', something omitted in the draft bill, and to explore its role in personal and community life, but this was rejected as too ambitious.
    This is by far the best-educated cohort in our history - on paper, anyway - but apparently lacking in courage, judgment, capacity to analyse or even simple curiosity, except about immediate personal needs.
Louis Mazza

'The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching' - Knowledge@Wharton - 26 views

  • This involves an intense effort on the part of the explainer to get into the other person's mind, so to speak, and that exercise is at the heart of learning in general. For, by practicing repeatedly how to create links between my mind and another's, I am reaching the very core of the art of learning from the ambient culture. Without that skill, I can only learn from direct experience; with that skill, I can learn from the experience of the whole world. Thus, whenever I struggle to explain something to someone else, and succeed in doing so, I am advancing my ability to learn from others, too.
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