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Michael Haltman

The Healthcare Public Option And Other Short Stories - 0 views

    A Rose By Any Other Name Or Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

    Things have been a little quiet on the healthcare debate front over the past day or two, but the 800 pound gorilla is still in the room and is still very much alive and well. During this short lull I wanted to take a look at the critical public option piece for the program, and the fact that it is apparently losing its luster with many on the near left as a it remains a huge impediment to any legislation having a chance of being passed. And not getting something passed will doom the democrats in mid-term elections...
Maria Lewytzkyj

Time and place - the coming-of-age story of Rep. Joe Wilson in today's world - 0 views

    It's a coming-of-age story, you see. It's about a representative who has come of age from the voting booths of a town to accept the responsibilities of performing rousing debates on the floors of Congress with the interest of a constituency in mind while adhering to house rules. Don't fear, I'm not describing a remake of the "Cider House Rules" replacing the doctor with a Congressional representative. No, I'm describing the latest shock-and-awe disorderly behavior by a representative of a member of the 111th Congress. Enter Joe Wilson, a Congressional representative from South Carolina. In the aftermath of inappropriate timing, will the enforcement of ethical standards be abdicated in the US while many see that taking precautions in keeping the public trust in Congress is still the responsibility of everyone sitting in that room?
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