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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sheryl A. McCoy

Sheryl A. McCoy

n2teaching: Where Others Fear To Tread - 2 views

    discussion of current poor planning on the part of CA state government and the consequences for the children, teachers and communities of that state. Compare/Contrast similar experience where teachers hung together for success; doesn't seem teachers today
Sheryl A. McCoy

Plurk Doodles: Free A Christmas Night Doodle--Plurk skins, designs, layouts and more! - 3 views

    these are great Christmas plurks
Sheryl A. McCoy

nyscate » Cell Phones in Education - 0 views

    @rickweinberg has developed a model lesson using the cell phone, with resources and tips/tricks to use this tool for differentiated instruction.
Sheryl A. McCoy

Read It Later Comes To Google Reader - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    works in both Firefox and IE, you can now get through your RSS feeds faster by checking off the items you want to read later in more detail. You can then access those saved items from any web browser, whether it's Firefox at home, IE at work, or even your iPhone.
Sheryl A. McCoy

frustrated by our tech dept proposal for helping our teachers who are struggling tech l... - 0 views

    a perfect synthesis of data, ideas, examples and experiences from our PLN (Professional Learning Network)

More social networking - 58 views

edplurk plurk twitter
started by anonymous on 18 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Sheryl A. McCoy
    Ditto to Jo and Skip's comments about Plurk. More people respond to requests for help or information, and the new friend/colleagues I have made mesh well with my twitter friends. New, valuable learning experiences happen each day.
    Sheryl (n2teaching)

    Jo McLeay wrote:
    > Until recently I was a rusted on fan of twitter. I didn't see the need to add plurk (what sort of name was that anyway???) But having tried with I am starting to appreciate the subtle differences with twitter the ability to save whole conversations and the ability to really develop aan educational discussion of some depth. There is a whole culture, a whole community there that I had no idea of. SO I encourage you to persist with it if you are just starting out and have fun while learning!
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