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Bruno Winck

The Progress-Focused Approach: 21 Progress-Focused Techniques - 0 views

    This is more the psychologist style but a good list of question styles that could be used in many different contexts including conducting interviews or writing questions for #TwitterChats 
Bruno Winck

The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part One) - Learning Rebels - 1 views

  • there is an opportunity to take chats to the next level. To create more value, where an hour after the chat I’m still thinking abou
  • Twitter chats used to make me think
  • On any given day there is an L&D twitter chat where you can have a great drinking game built on the same answers to tired questions
    • Bruno Winck
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  • If we want deep thought, ask deep questions. #JustSaying
  • in order to learn, one must be allowed to reflect and think
  • This goes beyond the normal chat etiquette, but as self-directed, socially minded gatherers of knowledge, what is our role? How can we make chats be an even more important part of our knowledge man
  • self-directed, socially minded gatherers of knowledge
Bruno Winck

TheCR's Working Out Loud Framework - The Community Roundtable - 1 views

  • people share their priories for the week, like we do in TheCR Network. That helps community members understand the social environment, get comfortable with how people respond to each other and engage without fear of demonstrating a lack of knowledge – making the community a comfortable place for members to share. Once created, the sense of comfort in the community makes it easier for members to ask other questions without fear of criticism or judgment, and those questions are typically effective social triggers for getting responses – and with them, hopefully, solutions.
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