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Anthony Santagato

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, Vol 1, Stanzas of Dzyan - 0 views

  • The seven ways to bliss were not. The great causes of misery were not, for there was no one to produce and get ensnared by them.
    • Anthony Santagato
      Nothingness, voidness, here is the ultimate place, consciouness ceases
  • The causes of existence had been done away with
    • Anthony Santagato
      hard to grapple with this....what could have been the cause for existence? The invisible that is, can only be accessed in non-being?? So manybe conventional reality or materiality is nothing but one huge hinderance to entering into realms of "The One Being"
  • the visible that was, and the invisible that is, rested in eternal non-being — the one being.
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  • The producers of form from no-form — the root of the world — the Devamatri and Svabhavat, rested in the bliss of non-being.
  • The seven sons were not yet born from the web of light. Darkness alone was father-mother, Svabhavat; and Svabhavat was in darkness.
  • The Universe was still concealed in the Divine thought and the Divine bosom. . . .
  • The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality, and the ocean was radiant light, which was fire, and heat, and motion. Darkness vanished and was no more; it disappeared in its own essence, the body of fire and water, or father and mother
  • Light is cold flame, and flame is fire, and fire produces heat, which yields water: the water of life in the great mother.
  • Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to spirit — the light of the one darkness — and the lower one to its shadowy end, matter; and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one,
  • . The Primordial Seven, the First Seven Breaths of the Dragon of Wisdom, produce in their turn from their Holy Circumgyrating Breaths the Fiery Whirlwind
  • Make thy calculations, Lanoo, if thou wouldest learn the correct age of thy small wheel. Its fourth spoke is our mother. Reach the fourth “fruit” of the fourth path of knowledge that leads to Nirvana, and thou shalt comprehend, for thou shalt see . . . .
  • Behold the beginning of sentient formless life.
  • The spark hangs from the flame by the finest thread of Fohat. It journeys through the Seven Worlds of Maya. It stops in the first, and is a metal and a stone; it passes into the second and behold — a plant; the plant whirls through seven changes and becomes a sacred animal. From the combined attributes of these, Manu, the thinker is formed. Who forms him? The seven lives, and the one life. Who completes him? The five-fold Lha. And who perfects the last body? Fish, sin, and soma
    Theosophical Wisdom, esoteric knowledge regarding the universe, powers of sentinent beings, and phenonmenal/mystical universe
    Secret Doctrine, last Opus of Helena P Blavatsky
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