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Elizabeth Kahn

Website Evaluation - Information Literacy - LibGuides at NYC DOE Office of Library Serv... - 0 views

    Wealth of information for teachers and librarians to use to teach information literacy.
Nicholas Melara

YUDU - 1 views

    YUDU serves as a multi-platform publishing tool, in which users can upload and embed pdf's from iOS, Android, and the web.

Collins French Dictionary - 0 views

    This is a French Dictionary. It translate English to French and vice versa. This website can be used by students who have difficulty understanding French. This resourced can be used most grade levels, but it is mostly for middle and high school students.
Alexandra Pollard

Tynker App - 0 views

    This app features stories that students themselves animate by solving programming challenges. The programming is placing and organizing blocks which represent programming commands. This app could be used as a tool to teach elementary students the logic required of programming. Older students might find the challenges less challenging.
Jacob Hebert

Apache OpenOffice - The Free and Open Productivity Suite - 0 views

    The official home page of the Apache OpenOffice project, home of OpenOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base. Basically OpenOffice is an open source that can create, read, and save general format documents and presentations. Because of the general style of OpenOffice, it works with most computers and can also be read in most languages.
Nicholas Melara

Blackboard Learn | Online Learning Tools for a Better Education Experience - 1 views

    More than a learning management system, Blackboard Learn tools impact the entire learning experience to engage learners, streamline processes, manage outcomes and improve performance.
Lodis Perkins

Litpick - 0 views

shared by Lodis Perkins on 19 Feb 14 - No Cached
    Litpick is a site that provides students in the grades 4-12 with free electronic books.In addition to reading the books,students can also create reviews on the books for other students to read.Students can also participate in discussions in threads about the books they have read.This forum can also be joined by authors,publicists,and parents that are interested in the literature.

Cyber Street Wise - 0 views

    Cyber streetwise is a great site for anyone who is new to the internet and is looking how to be safe. It gives you a walk through on how to be safest on the web. It goes through how to make a strong password, how to shop online, and social networking.
dep-dep - 0 views

shared by dep-dep on 19 Feb 14 - No Cached
bailey bourgeois

WizIQ - 1 views

    WizIQ is an online classroom that allows teachers and/or students to connect anywhere in the world. It has a multi-way audio tool and a four-way video tool that allows learners and teachers to collaborate and share information online. Their is an interactive white board tool lets teachers control interaction from within live virtual classes. It is integrated with moodle to where teachers can upload documents and manage/schedule classes. An unlimited amount of students can join a class.
Devin Nguyen

Playfic - 1 views

shared by Devin Nguyen on 19 Feb 14 - No Cached
Bryce Dillon

Audio Notebook App - 0 views

    This app allows you to record and type notes. You choose whether to type or record the audio or both. This allows people to record long lectures without trying to hurry or take too long and miss important information.

Ipiccy - 2 views

A free and simple Photoshop tool

k12 education technology

started by ejohnson2 on 19 Feb 14 no follow-up yet
Alexander DuVernay

TutorsClass - 1 views is a web site that allows tutors to connect with students in need of help. Users can seek one on one tutoring or an organization of tutors.

k12 education technology

started by Alexander DuVernay on 19 Feb 14 no follow-up yet
Colin Hebert

Trend Watch - 1 views

    Trend Watch is a good way to teach kids why certain words are trending and what they actually mean.

The Dust Bowl - 0 views

    This site is an interactive site that shows how life was during the dust bowl. It also shows how the weather was like during this time in history. - By Harris Dorado

Duck Duck Go - 0 views

    This is a search engine much like google, only this site has credible feedback.
Gavin Mahl

Alphabet Organizer - 0 views

    Alphabet Organizer is a great way to teach kids about the alphabet
Treyvor Hughes

History - 0 views

  • is a site that gives information on historical periods far before todays' time.
Jake LeBlanc

Post Image - 0 views

  • is a website that allows you upload images to a webpage where you can link the images directly. You can also create an account where you can create folders for you to store your pictures inside.
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