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Alberto Adrián Schiano

Site Mojolicious · Twitter Bootstrap explained - 0 views

    All items for building a site with perl software included explained in detail
    Todo lo necesario para armar una sede con perl incluido explicado detalladamente
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHub - 0 views

    Share code with the web
    Compartir codigo con la web
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Perl/Tk Debugger - ptkdb - Overview - 0 views

    A handy multiplatform perl debugger
    Practico rastreador perl multiplataforma

Alberto Adrián Schiano

xDash - The convergence between backend and instant messaging - 0 views

    A develloped technique to get any programming job done
    Una tecnica desarrollada para obtener cualquier trabajo de programacion hecho

Alberto Adrián Schiano

FrontPage - OpenServo Wiki - 0 views

  • OpenServo is an open community-based project started by Mike Thompson with the goal of creating a low-cost digital servo for robotics. The hardware and software design of the OpenServo is free for anyone to use and modify to meet their particular needs. It is currently being developed by a small group of dedicated individuals striving to maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards. We hope that you will find the OpenServo project interesting and become a member of our community.
    Need a motor controlled by your software?
    Necesita un motor controlado por sus programas?

Alberto Adrián Schiano

eXtropia - the open web technology company - 0 views

  • eXtropia is an open source resource for web application development. Contained within this site are free software applications (Perl and Java), free software application development tools (Perl and Java), free tutorials, and other related resources.
    A good programming reference and starting point for any open source idea
    Una buena referencia de programacion y punto de inicio para cualquier idea de codigo abierto

Alberto Adrián Schiano

The MINIX 3 Operating System - 0 views

  • MINIX 3 Features

    • POSIX compliant
    • Networking with TCP/IP
    • X Window System
    • Languages: cc, gcc, g++, perl, python, etc.
    • Over 400 UNIX programs
    • Many improvements since V2
    • Full multiuser and multiprogramming
    • Device drivers run as user processes
    • High degree of fault tolerance
    • Full C source code supplied
    LINUX's father comes back and is more hardware reliable than GNU-Linux
    Regresa el padre de LINUX y es más confiable en los perifericos que GNU-Linux

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