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Willy Evangelista

MDB (Main Page) - Metalloprotein Site Database & Browser, TSRI - 0 views

    Start searching the MDB by clicking the "Search the MDB" item in menu on to the left, and use our interactive viewer applet (written bySean Hennessy). i For additional search power, click "Advanced Queries". Try our new statisticalanalysis tools. And see the list ofrecently released PDB structures, as well as the archive of weekly PDB releases.

Testing - 4 views

Sai Keerthana Wuppalapati

ResearchGate - 0 views

    ResearchGate is a network dedicated to science and research. Connect, collaborate and discover scientific publications, jobs and conferences. All for free.
Kathryn Abrahamsson

Hipmunk: Better Flight Search and Hotel Booking - 1 views

    Best Flight Prices on the Web!
Emily Morin

LinkedIn - 1 views

Jordan Bird

KY-TN Branch - 0 views

    Branch Officers: Secretary Upcoming Events: American Society for Microbiology KY/TN Regional Meeting 2011 Volunteer State Community College ASM Branch Lectureship Program Speaker Michele Shuster "Genetics and Genomics in Allied Health Microbiology Education" This meeting is being organized by Amy Woron ( and Joseph Dolan, Volunteer State ( The current issue of the branch newsletter, The Germ Gazette (see link below), contains information regarding the upcoming annual branch meeting.
Jordan Bird

Department of Microbiology | The University of Tennessee, Knoxville - 0 views

    The Department of Microbiology at UT Knoxville is dedicated to providing the quality education, through both teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field. Our faculty members aggressively pursue research in many areas of the science: immunology; virology; microbial ecology and pathology; microbial genetics; and others.
Kelly Rooker

NIMBioS: National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis - 0 views

shared by Kelly Rooker on 14 Aug 12 - Cached
    At NIMBioS, the talents of top researchers from around the world collaborate across disciplinary boundaries to find creative solutions to today's complex biological problems. Our Education and Outreach Program focuses on the interface between mathematics and biology and promotes cross-disciplinary approaches to science for learners of all ages.
Amanda McClelland

BCMB Homepage - 0 views

Amanda McClelland

American Chemical Society - The world's largest scientific society. - 0 views

    ACS now offers expanded access for members to ACS publications. ACS now offers expanded access for members to over 1 million articles and book chapters from ACS publications. Free C&EN Mobile app provides members free access to C&EN weekly issues on and devices.
Sam Donovan

Plasmodium Problem Space - 1 views

    This is the beta-version of our Plasmodium problem space. 
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