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Rhondda Powling

The End of Education Is the Dawn of Learning | Co.Design - 4 views

  • Research shows that the damage done as a result of phase changes -- for example, a student changing schools at 11 -- is pretty damning
  • The old standard size of about 30 students in a box robbed children of so many effective practices
  • For 30 years in education, it seemed as though each year was judged only in direct comparison with the previous year -- the curse of criterion referencing -- as though there were some merit in not progressing
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  • schools seem not to notice this and put the same children back in their boxes, only to be amazed at their disengagement.
  • "Well, what would you like learning to be like?"
  • it is a case of deciding when to leave it out, rather than when to include it, surely.
  • The physical learning environments that we are now building, 15 years later, are all those things, too, and it is my clear certainty that to see what learning environments look like by 2025 we only have to look at today's cutting edge online learning projects.
  • I think we have made learning too expensive.
    world are embracing and developing new "ingredients" of learning: superclasses of 90 to 120 students; vertical learning groups; stage not age; schools within schools or "Home Bases;" [all education concepts Stephen talks about more later] project-based work; exhibition-based assessments; collaborative learning teams; mixed-age mentoring; children as teachers; teachers as learners
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