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Julie Golden

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started by Julie Golden on 13 Sep 15
  • Julie Golden
    eLearning faculty, please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you. Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send warm thoughts out into the universe for you. Thank you for your consideration! and feel free to pass this on.

    Study participants are needed for a research project regarding online faculty satisfaction, faculty identity, and communities of practice.

    If (a) you have taught at least one online university or college course within the last three years and (b) your primary role is as a faculty member, you are eligible to participate in the study. This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

    My name is Julie Golden. I am a doctoral candidate at Northeastern University. This survey will provide data necessary to complete my research. The title of this study is An Exploration of Faculty Transition to Online Teaching: The Impact of Identity Disruption and Participation in Communities of Practice on Faculty Satisfaction with Online Teaching.

    If you have any questions, please contact me directly at or contact the principle investigator, Dr. Yufeng Qian

    Thank you for your consideration! Participation is entirely voluntary. There is no compensation for participation. If you would like to participate, please click the link below. You will be directed to the informed consent form.

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