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Anthony Barnett

Interview on Britain and Europe with Former Prime Minister Tony Blair - SPIEGEL ONLINE - 0 views

  • The rationale for Europe in the 21st century is stronger than it has ever been. It is essentially about power, not about peace anymore.
  • here is a very strong and very vocal minority however. Basically, it's an old fashioned form of nationalism. That's what the UK Independence Party is, and it carries with it a very old fashioned set of attitudes and arguments.
tony curzon price

Government by deceit: Not a day goes by without the Coalition breaking election pledges... - 0 views

  • If David Cameron, a man who has many sterling qualities and does have the capacity for greatness, does turn out to be a true heir to Blair, in the sense that he's just as deceitful, then it will be a calamity for Britain. It would mean that the direction of our national affairs had fallen into the hands of a narrow political class which is utterly devoid of morality and with it, the ability to connect with ordinary people. It would suggest that the cynics really are correct and that there really is no difference between the main political parties, and that leading politicians - in their bond of deceitfulness - have far more in common with each other than they do with ordinary voters. It would suggest that something terrible happens to British politicians when they get office and they at once start to lie and cheat.
    Peter Oborne finds the political class alive and well in the Cameron government
Tom Griffin

Steve Richards: The Tories are learning from Blair - Steve Richards, Commentators - The... - 0 views

  • Like many of Mr Blair's speeches from the mid-1990s, Mr Osborne's address was beautifully constructed and politically clever. The speech also falls apart after a moment's scrutiny.
Anthony Barnett

Ginny Dougary: Gordon Brown Interview: the Election, Blair and Family Life - 0 views

  • Moving on to Iraq, did he ever feel like resigning over it? "No... It wasn't weapons of mass destruction or the issue about regime change that was important to me. To me, the important thing was, if you are creating a global community - which is what we are trying to do after the Cold War - you cannot have countries that persistently defy the international community by refusing to abide by their obligations."
  • "I understand the anger over Iraq, I do - because people feel that they were given information that turned out not to be correct.
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