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Anthony Barnett

RIGHTS MESS | Tory plan to scrap Human Rights Act are to be dropped | News Of The World - 0 views

    "The act, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into British law, has created a culture of grievance, unleashed a human rights industry and led to a climate of fear among law enforcement agencies. It has also prevented the government booting out dangerous foreigners. "
Tom Griffin

Conor Foley: Jacqui Smith should review her conscience | Comment is free | - 0 views

  • No one needs to explain to Jacqui Smith why it is wrong to give the police extended detention powers because she already knows the arguments. Many years ago when we were both activists in the Labour party's student wing, she was in the office of Sally Morgan, the party's student officer, when the police told her they were holding me under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. She knows what happened to me and she must know that she will be inflicting this on other innocent people.
    • Tom Griffin
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