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Brandon Hall

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started by Brandon Hall on 01 May 12
  • Brandon Hall
    They may be applied for a lather, foam or teeth whitening gel. Shaving cream is used on the face for a few minutes prior to shaving to aid soften the hairs. All through shaving, the cream will break up the surface tension of water droplets sticking to the face, thus allowing the razor to obtain closer to the skin color.

    It is formulated to be a pH compatible with the skin and is made from oils, soaps or surfactants, and water or alcohol. There is little variation in the types of ingredients current as there are not many substitutions that can be made for each ingredient. What divides different brands is the numbers of each ingredient, as well as the substitutions made. Other ingredients may be included to achieve certain purposes, such as moisturizing real estate agents or perfumes. The shaving cream that can be purchased in an aerosol can is usually the same formulation as that which comes in a tube; it is simply canned which has a propellant.

    The biggest emerging trend in shaving cream is a emergence of green options. These all come within a tube or a container, to avoid the need for the propellants used within aerosol sprays. Several brands now feature organic ingredients rather then synthetic chemicals, and vital oils (think peppermint, eucalyptus and aloe - not girly ones!) instead with perfumes. Some include witch hazel to help soothe irritation. To ensure a shaving cream is truly 'green', look for ones that feature natural ingredients, preferably USDA-certified organic. Natural ingredients rather than synthetic make the main eco-friendly impact; organic simply identifies how these natural substances are grown and harvested. Although these products can even be more expensive than their own traditional counterparts, prices are dropping as more companies include a green option in their products.
    Using a cream while shaving assists in the process of sloughing off this outer layer or corneum of the epidermis. This process is called exfoliation or desquamation.

    The prime layer of the skin offers nearly 15 to 20 levels and varies in density in various body areas. The cell renewal factor is what keeps dead skin cells from building up. As we grow older this procedure slows down. The average rate for cell turnover in the middle-aged person is 29 - 42 days.

    For example men with oily skin should look for a cream that contains a mild astringent which will eliminate the excess petroleum. Whereas someone with dry skin should make use of a product which contains a moisturizing agent. Similarly it's important to determine whether your skin needs gel or engine oil. While cream suits the majority skin types, gels are more suitable for oily skin color and oils are particularly great for dry skin

    * Pick a cream which contains benzoyl peroxide. It will help reduce razor bumps.

    * Unscented treatments are preferable because they do not clash with your aftershave and also cologne

    * Don't go for cheap products to lower your expenses. Bad quality will irreparably damage the actual skin. Remember this is an investment in your face.

    Choosing the right shaving cream and pursuing the best practices will leave you using a luxurious shave and spoilt, well groomed skin.

    Keep in mind the aftershave!
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