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Developing Effective Courses Using Adaptive Learning Begins with Proper Alignment &laqu... - 2 views

    Great blog post about the critical need to align content with objectives in adaptive learning and the time and effort required to do so.
Sara Thompson

Adaptive Path :: Experience Mapping - 0 views

    A free downloadable guide on mapping customer experience. I think it would be really interesting to adapt this to a course - especially hybrid or online - for instructors to get a sense of where students hit the "trouble spots," the "low points,' and the "high points."
Cub Kahn

What Are You Talking About?! The Need for Common Language around Personalized Learning - 2 views

    Defines personalized, adaptive, individualized, differentiated and competency-based learning.
Cub Kahn

Online Homework Put to the Test: A Report on the Impact of Two Online Learning Systems ... - 1 views

    "Students who completed the online homework activities performed significantly better on a common comprehensive final exam than students who did not participate. . . . These findings suggest responsive online homework in general, and a responsive-adaptive learning system driven by knowledge space theory in particular, has a significant positive impact on student performance in the first-quarter general chemistry course."
Shannon Riggs

25 Principles of Learning - L.T.T.A @ the UoM - 0 views

    Learning Theories, Technologies, and Applications -- these were referenced in MacMillan's presentation (Rachel Losh) as the guiding principles that inform the development of their adaptive learning platform, LearnSmart.

College Students: 'Please Personalize My Learning' -- Campus Technology - 2 views

    Research Digital technology in post-secondary learning is here to stay, according to a new report. Eight in 10 college students surveyed said that the use of tech improves their grades (81 percent), lets them spend more time studying by increasing the accessibility they have to their materials (82 percent) and improves their efficiency (81 percent).
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