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Jessica Sawyer

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started by Jessica Sawyer on 02 Mar 12
  • Jessica Sawyer
    These evil forces are believed to stay away from things that produce sounds like bells and chimes especially in some places of the house where people like to sit or rest. Asian people share the same belief in hanging chimes in their homes.

    Chimes are also used by farmers to scare off the birds that eat their crops in the field aside from warding off the evil spirits. There have been significant archaeological findings that show the use of chimes since 3000 B.C. in Southeast Asia. The ancient people made their chimes from different natural elements such as shells, stones and wood. Aside from being a part of religious customs, they served some other purposes too. There are also some indications that they employed in the fields of farmers to scare off the birds or animals away. The most popular materials used to make chimes are metal and wood although there may be some other materials of which they can be made of. Metal chimes are better because they emit sounds that may be heard like real bells. The soft wind makes the metal tubes to jangle with each other thereby creating a serene melody that may calm the body and the spirit. Those that are made of wood may produce sounds that resemble that of specific kinds of drums.

    People in China and in Japan have manifested their belief in the Chi in all forms of fixing things for good energy flow. These adorable chimes started appearing in the houses of the Americans and Europeans during the 1800's when they were first brought as items bringing harmony and balance of the natural elements. It was something that made people feel better especially when they hear the pleasant light tones produced from the kind of material it is made from.

    Chimes may also be created with various designs as well as shapes and colors too that may them more attractive. People can also select other materials from which their chimes can be made of like those of bamboo or of glass. For some, even their silverware can be used to create their own. Chimes can be attractive decorations at the same time they function as something related to the belief of people all around the world. People are now enjoying chimes not just for their homes but as a way of relieving their problems with stress. The sounds as well as the vibrations coming from the pipes have been thought of as having a calming effect on the body and the mind thereby helping people to alleviate their angst as they find peace within themselves. The soothing sounds may calm the nerves for people to feel peace deep inside. These can also be given as gifts for special occasions like Mother's Day and individuals may find them in a lot of places. Special kinds of chimes will truly bring happy times to mothers who will receive them as tokens of love and appreciation.

    Chimes that are made especially for babies may be given as gifts for baby showers and these would definitely give happy moments for both babies and mothers who will be able to sleep soundly with the sound of it.
    Most gardens and patios as well as porches are now decorated with these inspiring items that bring peace. memorial wind chimes, memorial wind chimes, engraved wind chimes

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