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Raúl - [^BgTA^]

How To Manage "system Services (runlevel)" - SuSE Linux Forums - 0 views

  • nfs depends on portmapper. Disable portmapper too.

    below settings are for beginners, but you should learn what these are for:
    aaeventd if you don't want and don't know how to use apparmor disable this (also switch to expert mode and disable boot.apparmor)
    acpid leave
    alsasound leave
    atd disable
    auditd disable
    autofs disable
    autoyast disable
    cron leave
    cups (if you have printer leave othervise disable)
    cupsrenice (see above)
    dbus leave
    earlykbd leave!!! keaboard
    earlykdm leave
    earlysyslog leve
    esound disable
    fam disable
    fbset disable
    gpm disable
    gssd disable
    haldaemon leave
    idmapd disable
    joystick disable (unless you are using it)
    kbd leave keyboard
    ksysguardd disable
    lirc disable
    lm_sencors disable
    mdadmd disable
    mdnsd disable
    mircocode (if you are using AMD CPU disable, leave for intel)
    network leave
    nfs disable (first disable portmap)
    nfsboot disable
    nfsserver disable
    nmb disable
    novell-zmd (well this is famous suse updater, if you are using other PM disable, otherwise leave, but this piece of c**p crashes frequently)
    nscd disable
    ntp disable
    openct disable
    pscsd disable
    portmap disable
    postfix disable
    powerd disable
    pwersaved (leave for suspend, othervise disable)
    random leave
    raw disable
    resmgr leave
    rpasswdd disable
    running-kernel disable
    saslauthd disable
    smb disable
    smbfs disable
    smpppd disable
    spamd disable
    splash leave (or not - this is splash screen during boot process)
    splash_early leave
    SuSEfirewall2_setup leave
    svcgssd disable
    syslog leave
    xdm leave
    xfs disable
    xinetd disable
    ybind disable

    the above settings are for simple workstation you should also disable sshd not listed by you. for some services there is not really value e.g. running-kernel (this is not kernel, but info about), moreover this sevice will start after each kernel upgrade, so each time you will have to stop it.
    I suggest to learn about apparmor, nfs, and samba/nfs, xinetd at least and when you know and need these, start services and configure them.
    If you disable earlysyslog/syslog you will not be able to use network. cron is needed for several services so you should leave running these.

    hope this will help
    Tips para workstations opensuse y linux en general para los servicios
Raúl - [^BgTA^]

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