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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson

Jing Blog: Wicked Cool Uses Archives - 4 views

    • Cory Johnson
      Here are some cool ideas about how to use Jing in your teaching.
Cory Johnson

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 1 views

  • • Utilizes a course evaluation and student feedback data to improve the course (Varvel VI.F)
    • Cory Johnson
      Anytime that I've taught a course to adult learners, I've found periodic feedback to be an essential component of continuous improvement and meeting students needs. This has always been anonymous. If I am to continue doing this throughout the course, I'll need to find a tool to allow for anonymous input.
  • 4. Understands and uses instructional pedagogy that is appropriate for the online environment and meets the multiple learning needs of students (ITS 4)
    • Cory Johnson
      This standard seems incredibly important because it drives home the point that computers don't teach, teachers teach and sometimes they use a computer as an instructional tool. Effective online learning still requires the continuous involvement of a qualified teacher (content and pedagogy), not just develop the content for someone else to put on a website and then let the computer do the teaching.
  • • Maintains an online social presence that is available, approachable, positive, interactive, and sincere (SREB C.3, Varvel VII.A) • Creates a learning community that encourages collaboration and interaction, including student-teacher, student-student, and student-content (SREB D.2, Varvel VII.B, ITS 6.a)
    • Cory Johnson
      These statements go along with my previous comment about the need for online teachers to be involved in the online learning process throughout the course and to interact with their students.
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