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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Barb Shutt

Barb Shutt

ollie4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • full partners”
    • Barb Shutt
      what if they don't know what they don't know--I think examples are useful here...
  • increases the likelihood of a quality product.
    • Barb Shutt
  • bring fairness into assessment on numerous levels:
    • Barb Shutt
      I had never really thought of it from a fairness angle before.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • But she did it without saying anything coherent.
    • Barb Shutt
      Sounds like a poorly crafted rubric that forgot content. Poor generalization, I think,
  • dehumanize the act of writing
    • Barb Shutt
      Pretty strong language, but I think this is true in some circumstances.
  • rubric, as it takes apart or breaks up the rating system for each trait; a rubric that uses only a single scale is called a holistic rubric. A holistic rubric is more efficient and the best choice when criteria overlap and cannot be adequately separated; an analytical rubric, however, will yield more detailed information about student performance and, therefore, will provide the student with more specific feedback.
    • Barb Shutt
      These terms are new to me as they are used to describe rubrics....analytical and holistic--looks like they both work in different ways.
  • Develop a continuum (scale) for describing the range of products/performances on each of the dimensions.
    • Barb Shutt
      This is learning progressions.
Barb Shutt

ollie4: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality - 5 views

  • Who will use the results to inform what decisions?
    • Barb Shutt
     there already and assessment in place that give you this information? Do I need to duplicate? Not only is the why important, but also the what-does it get to what I need to know for future instruction?
  • four categories of learning targets
    • Barb Shutt
      I hadn't seen LT' broken down this way before.
  • which assessment methods are most likely to produce accurate results for different learning targets.
    • Barb Shutt
      It's always about working smarter, not harder and this leads us toward that.
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