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Phoning It In: My Year of Teaching Via Skype - 2 views

    This piece is related to the idea of open knowledge in that it deals with one professor's year-long experiment with synchronous teaching over a Skype connection. While the professor felt that it worked better and more seamlessly than anyone could have imagined, he remains unsure as to whether telepedagogy has a place in our traditional academic settings. While a bit different in scope, idea and execution than a mooc, it is another example of new ways in which traditional learning is giving way to 21st technology. Video conferencing is now an every day part of most businesses, and here is an entire semester's class being "phoned in" via Skype. As the article points out, its usefulness in a traditional setting is up in the air. Yet there would seem to be an obvious utility in bringing this give and take classroom setting to remote locations that might have internet access but not easy access to schools or specific professors. Yet another way to make knowledge or the access to knowledge more open.
    Great post .. Well I think it may take time for people to adapt into the digital situations.. And in developing counties situation is even worst than that.. not only with skype , online at all would not work because people think and so use to the didactic pedagogy. All the things are centered with in the teachers presence..
v woolf

No Time to Think (GoogleTechTalks by David Levy) - 0 views

    I love this lecture by David Levy at GoogleTechTalks from 2008. I found the required video by Levy to be a bit too short for my taste, so for anyone who is interested in hearing more, I would recommend this lecture.
    I'm reading "Men Like Gods" by H.G. Wells, and there are quite a few things that seem prophetic. The book was published in 1923 and the setting includes things like connecting by voice and visuallly when talking to others at different locations. (Skype, Facetime) A screen where the words move instead of your eyes. (
    I too worry about the world of work, that I am only the efficiency at which I function.

Potential Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital Healthcare - 2 views

This article describes an Android application called "Doctors On-Demand." This particular app is available in the United States, but I know of similar apps for Canada. The general idea is that inst...


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