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The recipe for a better life | OECD Insights Blog - 7 views

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When Is it One Gadget Too Many? - 4 views

    Do you own too many devices? Posted: How many tech gadgets do you own? Chances are, you have a PC, Mac or Windows, desktop or laptop and a smartphone. Maybe you both kinds of PCs, a desktop workstation and a portable laptop. Maybe you have a tablet -- large or small? You might also have a Kindle e-reader.
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    If I had to pick just one gadget to keep and turf all the rest, I'd pick my iphone. I'd move all the files on my desktop/laptop into the cloud and use my iphone as the means to connect to everything. A project I'd like to undertake in the future is to do a complete MOOC on my phone. Right now I migrate between an ipad, laptop and my iphone but I think I could do it all on the phone. It would be frustrating but doable.
    I find myself constantly needing more devices, even though I know one is enough. We do live in this gadget-centric world, and with every year that Apple introduces something that blows away their last invention, I feel the need to acquire it. Though, what's actually stopped me from acquiring anything, is that I know year after year, there will be another 'revolutionary product' that will 'enhance' my life. So for now, it's just a laptop and a phone! Though a tablet does sound tempting...
    In my household we have two adults, two children, one Mac desktop, two smartphones, a nexus and an iPad. It seems to work out that we have enough for my husband to be learning and practicing coding on the mac, my son learning Italian on an app, my daughter watching animal videos all while I'm looking up a recipe online. So far so good. I wouldn't add any to it. And sometimes I want to subtract, but we're in a new era and I'm done fighting it. I'm trying to embrace all the wonderful qualities the device era has to offer.
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