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Fragmented Publishing: The Implications of Self-Publishing - 2 views

    Unfortunately, the webinar itself is not free, but the slides are here. In particular, Mark Coker of Smashwords provides a good overview of the trends and future for self-publishing.
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    More about the indie author manifesto:
    it is useful powerpoint thanks
    read presentation
Jacynthe Touchette

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto (Aaron Swartz) - 3 views

    The "manifesto" for the open access movement, written by Aaron Swartz from 2008. Only 6 years old, but already, it carries a historical value. "Will you join us?" Creative Commons license: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Great resource and very relevant to this weeks' module! Thank you for sharing. The idea of "Guerilla Open Access" is something I had really hoped to cover more in depth in the lecture materials. Yes, there's a tension -- or a "balance", as many of the lecturers said -- between protecting creators vs. protecting consumers, but there has not been nearly enough discussion on the power dynamics and implicit within our current system. I am taking this class partly in person through UBC, and I will be sharing this resource with my seminar group this week.
Helen Crump

The Mozilla Manifesto - 0 views

    Mozilla's guiding principles to help promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the web
Kevin Stranack

Smashwords: Indie Author Manifesto - 0 views

    "Where once self publishing was viewed as the option of last resort - the option for failed writers and an option marked by stigma and shame - self publishing is increasingly viewed as the option of first choice for many writers. Over the next couple years I think we'll reach a point where more first-time writers aspire to indie-publish than traditionally publish. "
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