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Megan H

Tech, equipment makers join U.S. 'net neutrality' debate - 0 views

    All credit to theSkimm, definitely caught my attention and leaves me wanting to learn/understand further... WHAT TO SAY WHEN THE NEXT EPISODE OF "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" WON'T LOAD… Barney blocked. Today, Netflix and a bunch of other big-name websites like Etsy, Kickstarter, and WordPress are protesting to support net neutrality. The sites will be showing a picture of the 'spinning wheel of death' loading symbol - not to make sure you're still breathing, but as a friendly reminder that this could be the future. Refresher: net neutrality is the idea that all content on the Internet should be treated equally, and preference shouldn't be given to sites willing to pay for faster connections. That's not what happens now. There's currently no regulation over how Internet providers treat traffic from different websites. The FCC's been listening to comments on some new rules for monitoring pay-to-play. They're going to stop listening to everyone's opinions next week.
Jacynthe Touchette

What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson - 4 views

    Links between citizen journalism, social media, "real" media coverage and the sociopolitic aspects of algorithms and filtering in relation to the recent situation in Ferguson, USA: "But keep in mind, Ferguson is also a net neutrality issue. It's also an algorithmic filtering issue. How the internet is run, governed and filtered is a human rights issue."
    Ferguson es también un claro ejemplo de por qué la neutralidad de la red es una cuestión de derechos humanos; un problema de la libertad de expresión; y un problema de los sin voz se escucha, en sus propios términos.

What can we learn from 800,000 public comments on the FCC's net neutrality plan? - Sunlight Foundation Blog - 2 views

    Dive into data publicly available data and meaning, results are telling us that majority oppose the idea of paid priority for traffic. All data set is available for download.
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