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Student publishing and peer review - 3 views

two newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Student publishing and peer review Link is : and also : http://onlinepublishing.studentrea...

Studentpublishing and peerreview Student publishing peer review open access Knowledge Open module12 Module 12

started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
robert morris

Journal of Free Software & Free Knowledge - 3 views

    This journal needs authors. I was thinking of collaborative writing, iteration, article building.
Kevin Stranack

The easy way to fix peer review: Require submitters to review first. - 1 views

    "Think of your meanest high school mean girl at her most gleefully, underminingly vicious. Now give her a doctorate in your discipline, and a modicum of power over your future. That's peer review."
    Great article. Funny, descriptive and useful. Anyone non-academic who works with academics should understand the pressure of peer review and this article introduces it wonderfully. I want to dig deeper into this idea of open peer review.
    See my bookmark to: 'Open peer review is a welcome step towards transparency ...'
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