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Global Education Resources - 1 views

Here's a selection of resources on Global Education, Citizenship, Values, Racism, Human Rights, Citizenship, Beliefs, Intercultural Understanding, Multicultural Perspectives and Studies of Asia. Gl...

global education Intercultural Understanding Multicultural Perspectives Value Human Rights

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Global Education Perspective - 2 views

In this era of Globalization, education is not be left out. Here's one perspective on how it is being done --

Module 11 Global Education

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Sophie Lafayette

Funzi - 'Skills to Build Your Dreams' - 3 views

Funzi is a learning app that is free to all to use. The content of app is written by experts in their field and will cover many topics including key business & life skills. The app will be availabl...

Module2 students education Knowledge

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Leticia Lafuente López

Gamification, Learning and World change - 10 views

An interesting video about Second Life being used in Learning:

module3 education learning gamification game

Leticia Lafuente López

Does ICT in Education come before Social Citizen? - 3 views

I take this sentence from the report: "(...) one important lesson to remember is that technology by itself does not enhance the teaching-learning process and environment (Levine, 1998). It is the e...

module3 open ict education knowledge open access


SOLE - 1 views Slightly different take on open knowledge and many may have come across the work of Dr. Sugata Mitra, but I love how this concept is in a downloadable toolk...

open access open education

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